Trump Hits The Nail on the Head Again


"President-elect Donald Trump harshly responded to civil rights icon John Lewis on Saturday, calling him “all talk” and “no action” after the Georgia lawmaker said Trump was not a “legitimate” president.

“Congressman John Lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district, which is in horrible shape and falling apart (not to mention crime infested) rather than falsely complaining about the election results. All talk, talk, talk - no action or results. Sad,” Trump tweeted Saturday, which happened to fall on the weekend of the Martin Luther King Jr. federal holiday."

How very refreshing to hear someone state the obvious that many have been thinking for years. Many of the “civil rights” representatives in Congress spend all of their time spewing hot air in Washington while conditions in their districts back home crumble. Whatever happened to representing your constituency?


:thumbsup:The left is absolutely apoplectic over Trump’s victory.Everyday something new to whine and complain about. However,they have met their match in Trump.Unlike GW who rarely fought back,Trump will not let their ad hominem attacks go unnoticed.:thumbsup:


How very disappointing to see our President Elect denigrate anyone who disagrees with him. But in this case I don’t know what he means. Congressman Lewis is a representative of the people of 3/4 of Atlanta. He does not govern them. That is the responsibility of the mayor of Atlanta and to some extent the Governor of Georgia. If Trump has any complaints about the condition of the 5th district of Georgia, he should take it up with them instead of making silly comments about their Congressman.


Putting aside the facts, it seems the height of unprofessionalism for politicians to publicly attack each other by mindless tweeting. How sad that senior politicians in the US can’t act with decency and decorum. Still…not a surprise I suppose.


Of course, you don’t see it as disappointing that a sitting congressman refuses to attend the inauguration because he has deemed the president elect to be “illegitimate.”

Also, as a congressman, it is your duty to represent the people of your district. You don’t get to say that your district is a mess and crumbling to the ground but “that’s not my job, it’s the job of the mayor.” If it isn’t part of the duty of the representative, then what is his function at all?

Classic partisan politics: criticize Trump for stating the obvious but give a pass to the one on whom part of the burden lies. Pitiful. :rolleyes:


And it is OK to say on national news that “I don’t see this President-elect as a legitimate president” ?

Trump counter punches, if you punch him, then he will try to hit you harder. May not be a very Christian attitude, but that is what we will see going forward. Lewis is a counter puncher too by the way.

They both learned to do that in their careers to survive.


Yet you have no problem with Lewis calling Trump illegitimate? Double standards at its finest.


Unprofessionalism? Have you seen the attacks that have been hurled at Trump since the election? Did you not read about Buzzfeed and CNN’s publishing of unsubstantiated rumors this past week? Did you not see the CNN reporter who was utterly unprofessional and rude to Trump at his recent press conference? The wheel has turned; things are not as they used to be. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. The best part is, as Jeanne said, Trump isn’t afraid to hit back. Its about time that the left is called to account and not just left free to spew whatever they want with no repercussions.


If you read my original post you would see that it was addressed to both parties.Sometimes less is more. Trump has no dignity or finesse and that can only be a bad thing in terms of resolving difference. Let’s hope he learns to grow up…and quickly.


How about we say that the opposition, you know, the democrats who have vowed to “obstruct everything” for no reason other than politics, can benefit from your one-sided benevolence?

I suppose you can say that Trump lacks finesse but to say that he “has no dignity” is not only factually incorrect but also juvenile. A man with dignity does not let people hurl false and demeaning accusations against him with no response.


Maybe Lewis should listen to the people of his district, as I believe Trump carried most of the state. Isnt he supposed to represent the people rather than his personal views or opinions?


According to liturgyluver, it is the job of the mayor, and partly the governor, to “govern” the people of his district, so apparently the concept of a congressman representing the people of his district is an anachronism.


In case anyone still cares about the truth (maybe Jeff Sessions):

  1. CNN published did not publish the opposition research document
  2. BuzzFeed published the opposition research developed by a source considered reliable; it had been turned over to the FBI by a Republican Senator; the FBI (and others int the IC) had had access to this material. They have declined to say whether an investigation of the research is continuing.
  3. It is not clear what is meant in the quoted post by “unsubstantiated rumor”; it is by no means clear that the material published by BuzzFeed falls into that category. Certainly the CNN’s publication does not.


Do you mean like the whole left including the congressman are doing to Trump. :mad:


CNN posted a story about it and linked it to BuzzFeed. They may not have published the details, but by linking it, they gave it their approval of legitimacy. It used to be in the news business, you did not give credence to things that were unsubstantiated.

You certainly do seem to employ a nuanced use of the word “truth.” The avalanche of criticism toward CNN in regards to this event was a result of them presenting things as “fact” that could not be substantiated. Or are all of CNN’s critics equally ignorant of the “truth” as us here?


A wise man once said “Leaders have to lead but they also have to listen”.


GA’s 5th congressional district incorporates parts of Clayton, DeKalb, and Fulton counties.
Those counties voted for HRC with percentages of 85.1, 80.8 and 69.2 respectively,
The district voted for John Lewis with 84.6 %.

I don’t think that a case can be made that he is out of sync with the people fo his district.


Leadership is also about inspiring and bringing people together, giving them hope and the means to realize their hopes. It is about knowing when to speak and when to keep silent. When to act and when to refrain from acting.

For a while I was very interested in the I Ching. Some people us it for divination I guess but it is really about leadership. It cam from the King Wen and his son recalling the virtues of good leadership.

What we need these days is Virtuous Sevnat Leadership. Leaders who see themselves as servants and demonstrate humility, wisdom, prudence, patience, etc.


No, it’s not right. Trump won fair and square. (That is, if we ignore the Russian hacking madness - about which we’ll probably never know the whole story.) That said, it’s kind of ironic that Trump is so thin-skinned about this given his years of trying to delegitimize President Obama with all his birther nonsense.


I don’t see it as mindlessly tweeting. I see it as calling out people who need to be called out. I also think the fighting is good. When politicians get along it means they are going along with each other to the detriment of the common good. Fighting certainly is a good thing when one major political party casts every policy of the other as being based solely on hatred and cruelty. Unreasonable people can’t be reasoned with. They must be fought.

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