Trump - I disagree with 'send her back' chant

From a pretty consistent defense of Trump’s tweets. Now that trump has rejected the sentiment of his own tweets, suddenly his supporters fall in line.


No,I agree withABUCSthat she should never have been allowed in the country in the first place.Maybe re read his post .Its spot on

It seems like that was the normal reaction of someone taken by surprise. Let’s see what happens if his supporters ever do it again what he does.

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The only reason the crowd were chanting this is that they had all taken this as the meaning of his tweet. Oh, wait a minute…Trump supporters are twisting what he said. Hmmm.


Trump? Taken by surprise? Speechless? At a loss for words? Never!

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I think like his past habit of tweeting, the majority of supporters I see have had a pretty consistent attitude:

  1. We wish he tweeted less, and did so in a less confrontational way.

  2. Those who oppose him still have hyperbolic reactions to his tweets and make a bigger deal of it than reasonable people should, so his supporters are caught between “yes, I wouldn’t have said it that way, but your reaction is so far over the top as make me want to defend him.”

That applies from me to the tweets against the Democratic Suicide Squad too.


How do you determine what is a pause and what is considered speechless or at a loss of words?

From past history, Trump does not suffer from “speechless” and the chant was not that surprising, so we can dismiss “speechless”, which leaves only a “intentional pause” in which he could revel in the adulation of his fans. I don’t for a moment buy his claim that he was immediately opposed to the chant.

Yes, quite the opposite. He has a talent for talking over other people.

Trump is to public speaking what a Marshall Plexi amp dimed out with a fuzzface and eight speakers cabs with vintage Celestions is to rock music.

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Why would you have excluded that 12 year old girl?

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You see what you want to see to fit your narrative. I don’t think any fair minded person saw revelry. nor do i think they saw enthusiasm or him smiling like a cheschire cat as another poster initially wrote. There absolutely was a pause and people can speculate about that pause, but revelry, enthusiam cheschire cat interpretations are so over the top as to be laughable in my opinion.

What he didn’t do was what John McCain did when confronted with supporters saying very dubious things about a political opponent. McCain had the courage to correct his own supporters. Trump meekly waited until later to gently suggest he didn’t like the chant very much.

I’ll leave everyone to draw their own conclusions from the comparison.


He said he didn’t like it the next day, just because it’s not exactly how John McCain responded, doesn’t mean anything.

It means something because McCain had the fortitude to call out his supporters on the spot.


So, Trump called out his supporters the next day. And now the people know he doesn’t like it.

I doubt it. Perhaps one of the reasons they show up at the rallies at all is so they can chant what he tweeted at the top of their voices. I know some of these people.

IO is being investigated for several fraudulent acts.One of which is she came here under false pretenses.The family with whom she arrived apparently weren’t her parents .
Before everybody pig piles on me re this.Just do your own research ,don’t shot the messenger

I think they show up because they support the President, not to just chant. His supporters support him and want to show him that.

Of course. She freaks out the Trump supporters.

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