Trump - I disagree with 'send her back' chant

She doesn’t freak you out however?Do yah just love her policies everything she espouses?

Very good. Can’t argue this point.

I’m sure that you can provide sources for this accusation.

I’m sure you can do your own research.I put it out there go for it

I would not repeat such an accusation unless I had sources to back it up; otherwise, it would be the sin of gossip. I look forward to seeing your sources.

Her policies don’t concern me. Not my district.

Just type in IO. under investigation for fraudulent behavior. Several links pop up.Addituonally it’s been on the talk shows as well. She’s a bad egg

Again, gossip is a sin and I think it is reasonable that you provide your sources for such an accusation. I look forward to seeing them.

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I just told what to type in it’s not gossip.

Oh so you are all about how policies affect you personally but not on the larger scale re the Country.Wow!

I think it is important to understand the sources. Please provide them.

Thanks for posting these links.I work off an IPad and haven’t figured out how to copy paste etc.

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See above links

Having Muslim neighbors, I think I know a little about what’s going on. Thanks for the wow.

Who said anything about Muslums? I’m talking about Ilhan Omar’s policies

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Given that her mother died when she was 2…

She still had/ has a father She entered under false pretenses .While I can’t fault her as a minor her dad and the Omar’s are frauds

Never a promising rebuttal to a demand for evidence

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It’s another chip away at the Constitution that less and less serves ‘the people’. What’s coming out of the US now is descending more and more into unrecognisable fascist, racist rhetoric. If a chant like that had happened at a political rally even 5 years ago there would have been outrage from most conservatives apart from the crazy white nationalists. The slow boiling frog of the last few years makes these shocking events the new ‘normal’.

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