Trump: I will not be attending the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner this year


I will not be attending the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner this year. Please wish everyone well and have a great evening!


Oh well


His skin is just waaaaaaay too thin.


Seems many members have been calling for a boycott. Are they thin skinned too?


Why should he go? Most of them are out to get him no matter what. All objectivity has been thrown out the door with this bunch.


Sad, but true. He has no apparent sense of humor (I have never seen him laugh). And no slight, no matter how trivial, escapes his wrath. This event is too much for him.


WH Correspondent’s Association representative was just on CNN responding. The dinner is about the 1st Amendment and it will be celebrated. He’s invited and up to him if he wants to come.


They might try to book Alec Baldwin, instead.


LOL that could work too. Bring along Trump’s… er… I mean Baldwin’s sidekick Melissa McCarthy and you get 2 for the price of 1. :thumbsup:


Glad he did this.


Me, neither. :frowning: I guess my invitation got lost in the mail. :shrug:



Now I want that to happen. Baldwin must go!

Side note: I was hoping to hear some Trump jokes from Trump again, like that one dinner with the New York cardinal. I still chuckle at “Michelle gives a speech, everyone loves it. Melania gives the exact same speech and people lose their minds.”


Ha! Maybe if enough people tweet to SNL and Baldwin then they will make it happen!


me too. why attend a dinner with people pretending they like you?


Why should the media like Trump, given the trouncing they have taken from him? Trump used to have a sense of humor, even about himself on occasion, but I guess he has lost it (the sense of humor, that is). In the scheme of things, however, this is the least of our worries about the administration or the country.


The media is just too thin-skinned.


I haven’t either, which for me is one of the most puzzling aspects of his personality.

Well, I guess it’s good to hear that he used to have it. I’ve never witnessed it and was beginning to wonder.


:smiley: yeah and throw in Melissa McCarthy, her imitation of Sean Spicer WH Press Secretary is spot on and hilarious.


Sorry to bust your bubble.

This happened in 2016.


:thumbsup: Why jump into the lion’s den? Especially at dinner time…

When they begin to actually report instead of advocate, maybe he’ll join them. In the meantime, Jorge Ramos will keep them entertained… :rotfl:

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