Trump in one game of golf

Commander in Cheat" is also the title of a book by a well-known sports writer Rick Reilly. :wink:

What in the world does this have to do with anything? How would that prove he’s an ineffective leader? Why are you trying to intentionally make people angry? Is this going to solve The World’s problems? Are people all the sudden going to be stop going to war and being hungry because you posted this?

I don’t know about your value system, but in mine, everyone who cheats in any game is despicable, and should not be trusted.

Does that include computer solitaire?
It is a game…and as far as I know, so many people cheat at it few even remember what the rules actually are.

You are dismissing a fairly large segment of the population as despicable and untrustworthy…why single out the president?

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Because the private cheating in an irrelevant game has no “big” consequences. The cheater may be equally despicable, but his lack of character only affects a small group of people.

The cheating by a “president” has very big consequences.

And golf isn’t an irrelevant game?

Cheating at golf has big consequences?

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He’s not competing against anyone for any prize, is he? People who play with him probably know he’s cheating, and yet, they must keep playing with him. Or perhaps he plays alone? At any rate, no one is being hurt by his cheating. It’s not like a poker game where where someone’s livelihood is at stake.

He’s not keeping his cheating a secret, is he? Obviously not, as there are plenty of pictures and videos. He’s not trying to buy these and destroy them, is he?

I’m willing to bet cash that the reason he cheats is that he doesn’t have time to shoot a “14” on every hole. He’s playing golf purely for “fun” and relaxation and possibly to spend extended time with pals. He obviously isn’t working towards becoming a scratch golfer, or attempting to qualify for a major tournament.

It’s a game, a game with the goal of knocking a tiny ball into a tiny hole. Some people take it very very seriously and that’s OK. But others just want to knock a ball around and they really don’t care if they are doing it right and improving their skill level. They just want to have fun and relax a little.

As long as no one is hurt (e.g., by losing a cash prize), and as long as Pres. Trump knows that he is making up his own “rules” and not playing Strict Rules of Golf–it’s OK. It’s not a sign of a decadent moral character or a weak person who can’t allow himself to lose. It’s just a guy having some fun.

Our family has been involved with the sport of figure skating for many decades. Our daughters spent many years (and many of our dollars) learning the “correct” techniques of figure skating, and passing the high level figure skating tests. They are beautiful skaters, and most importantly, they have never stopped skating, even though they are in their 30s now. Both daughters have remained active in the sport; one is a coach, and one still competes (on a synchro team). They have so much fun, and they often tell us that they are glad that we got them involved with this great sport.

There are many people who lace up figure skates and obviously have no clue about “technique.” They push themselves around the ice using their toepicks, and they stroke “on the flats”, not realizing that their skates have “edges” (although it’s also likely that if they are using rental skates, the edges are worn down!).

Does this mean that these people shouldn’t be skating, and that they are weak-willed because they haven’t bothered to learn the “correct” way to skate?

Of course not! They are having a good time, getting a little exercise, perhaps socializing or even having a romantic time with their beloved. That’s the joy of sports–they can be enjoyed at many levels.


That was Obama. With Greek columns to backdrop his massive ego. He sure healed this country as we were told he would.


Those consequences are along the same line as him ordering more scoops of ice cream than the rest of his entourage, both being we are all subject to pathetic articles and foaming at the mouth by partisans. How sad for them…

I eagerly await your article about how President Obama rudely used to ask members of Congress to play the “pull my finger” game in close quarters.


Reminds me of the game my boys invented called “extreme putput”. They would go to a closed mini golf course and knock the crap out of the balls.
They didn’t care at all what the actual rules were, although they did know them.

Perhaps the cheating they did make them despicable and untrustworthy.
Of course, I must likewise be a failure as a father for having raised such despicable human beings with such low regard for the rules.

But I do not believe the OP is saying this.
It is more likely they had a hatred for Trump and latched onto this as an example… failing to realize that this is a poor example.

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