Trump indirectly admits he lost the presidential election by tweeting Biden 'won because the election was rigged'

He just cannot accept that he lost fair and square. :slight_smile:

It’s part of his narcissism.

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Because it wasn’t fair or square.

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Very true. If he would just be a private Joe Schmoe, I might even feel a little sorry for him. His whole personality is so skewed due his father’s influence that it is rather sad. The compulsion to be admired, the desire to win, the disability to emphasize with others, the absolute contempt and disdain for others created a totally distorted personality.

He lost because of how he handled the virus had he done it differently he would be president for another term it was almost like a curse on him.

Even before the virus Fox News polls had the majority of Americans wanting immediate removal of Trump from office.

That seemed to have never changed.

I didn’t know that - my own personal opinion I don’t want offend anyone - He should of stepped back and let the experts handle it like any other President would of done - he chose to ridicule anyone who disagreed about his thoughts on it people saw this and it made no sense to them.

I do find funny that Twitter says that the claim is disputed.

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