Trump intends to stay at his New Jersey golf course until MID-AUGUST


President Trump goes on vacation, however immediately heads out to another rally.

in Columbus, Ohio.

Is this a “stay-cation”?


He so very much deserves to spend his time at his NJ place - he is working constantly! How can the man keep on his schedule - he is amazing.

We can at least know where he is (unlike Obama the night of Benghazi)!


I pray they have a relaxing and safe vacation.


Maybe, in his absence, they will remodel the White House. Maybe change the room they use for press briefings.



Wish he’d stay somewhere other than a Trump facility. Share the treasury with other hotels.


Other Presidents have all stayed at their own places, if they had them. It is not unusual.


Did they make money from their stays?


On what are you basing your knowledge of his schedule? His tweets?


Are you saying that Trump is paying himself to stay at his own hotel?



Other POTUS have stayed in their own homes or homes of family and friends, or, they have paid to stay in hotel/resorts.

Mr Trump is booking out many many rooms at a hotel/resort he owns, then sending the bill to you and me.


I don’t think other presidents were into true public service. They didn’t build things for other people. Their homes were exclusively private. I’m sure the governmental the very least reimbursed the others for expenses incurred during the stay or due to modifications to the accommodations necessary for the president.



I don’t know which outlets various people will believe, so here are a variety. You could also dig out the Government disclosure documents if they are still available online.


That is the first time I ever thought of having a hotel as a public service (generally means for the good of others) as opposed to way to make money (generally means for the good of oneself).

Thanks for the alternative mindset.


I am a true believer in capitalism. Businessmen do things to serve other people. They have to do or make something others want since they rely on voluntary transactions. The government achieves everything through force. So to me the true public servants are the businessmen.


The President gives back. He works for free and donates his entire presidential salary. Can’t remember the last time a president has done that.


So you do not approve of businessmen who force others through the use of government rules and regulations to give them money? Because Trump must be protected, we are forced to give the Trump organization money thru his choices.


Most businessmen these days use the government’s rules and regulations to limit market competition. This is when they don’t use licensing to get an outright monopoly. I don’t really blame the businessmen since the people are the ones who fall for this obvious trick and demand it.

We’d be forced by Trump’s choice no matter who he selected. I have no problem with him benefiting himself. If we want to make this a non issue then we should make the president a far less powerful person. Then he could take care of himself like they did in the past.


Works for me. But only if we also enforce the part of the constitution about making money (other than salary) from the government while in government. Of course I also think the second part should apply no matter what.


Really? He spends all morning watching Fox and Friends. He spends all evenings watching cable news.

When do you think he is working constantly?

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