Trump is gaining black support because his policies are improving the lives of


There were some surprising stats in this article, at least surprising to me.

Under President Obama, from 2009 to 2015 the incomes of black Americans fell by more than $900 per family. Seeing a drop from the midst of the depression to 2015 surprised me.

NAACP’s own polls show his approval rating among African-Americans standing at 21 percent, vs 8% in the election.


I read that Trump popularity was now ~30%, versus 8% at the election.


It depends on the poll. I reference NAACP numbers since one couldn’t claim they were biased in his favor.


One wonders what the percentage of blacks is by gender.

I can’t characterize all black men, but most I have known are pretty plain-spoken people. Like Trump, they don’t mince around but say what they think. For black men (perhaps also for women) Trump’s plain-spokenness may not be a negative at all like it apparently is for some suburban white women.

But regardless, black people don’t want anything different from what white people want; a decent job at a decent wage, a home, two cars, education, safe neighborhoods. Reasonable things.


We never did get more than the tweet on this. Here is some actual polling data:

Reported here:

Maybe Rasmussen misplaced a decimal point in their tweet, as this poll finds Trump approval among Blacks to be 3%.


please stop deflecting with the mueller investigation, it’s really pathetic.

My article did reference ‘actually polling data’, by the NAACP.

i read your FAKE NEWS article, I must call it that for their extreme bias.
Your 3% figure was cherry picked from college educated blacks. Pretty dishonest approach to only present that data but not how he faired with all blacks surveyed.

Nope can’t trust ABC to report with integrity.


There is no deflection; I linked to a poll that gave approval numbers.
You may find some silver lining here or there, but these approval data in this poll look very bleak for Trump.


Nah,Trump is doing juuuusssst fine.


Your article didn’t share data for our question, they cherry picked a subset of their black respondents to get the figure you cited. I question their sampling error and the validity of the poll considering the bias in it’s presentation.

Rasmussen, NAACP and a number of other polls do show a consistent and marked increase in his support. They may not agree on the percentage, but they agree it has been increasing.


What a kind Christian reply.


Are you claiming that I behaved in an unchristian way?
That is a rather bold claim.

Please, at least. be specific about what I wrote that you think is unchristian.


It’s hardly Christian to misrepresent your source.
They didn’t say what you said they did


is that what you meant @Victoria33?
I am interested in what you are referring to and are willing to go beyond forum rules and call out as unchristian.


I guess, if I claimed to be Catholic and defended a party that supports aborting half of black children, I might lash out too.


huh? …


Jumping in to say that the claim that Catholics who do not support your political party, who do not vote the way you would have them vote, is itself (a) un-Christian, (b) false, and © a slander.

Nobody appointed you Cardinal. You do not get to decide who is truly Catholic and who is not. You’re not an imam hurling fatwas at apostates.


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