Trump is harsh on China, except when it comes to democracy

It was disappointing to read this morning that China’s leader Xi, essentially replied to President Trumps offer of a meeting in hopes of helping resolve the Hong Kong protests by announcing the need of retaliations against the US.

I’m not at all surprised.

Do you want your neighbor across the street inserting themselves as you deal with your 3 yr old throwing a temper tantrum? Nosy neighbors should really mind their own business. Ohh the stories I’ve heard about their parenting fails, the nerve of them.

To extend this analogy, we really can’t insert ourselves until something should be reported to CPS, until the parent becomes abusive as happened at Tiananmen Square in 89.

I think Trump realizes it would not be wise to bring up the issue of the HK Treaty with China…I’m sure he’s aware China might mention his own record on breaking treaties…the Paris Climate Agreement…the Iran Nuclear Deal…apart from protesting there is not much the US can really do…especially now we hear rumblings of a recession that may or may not happen around the time of the next election…China might very well hold off any trade negotiations with the US with the intention of keeping the markets in a state of flux…I’m sure Trump does not want that leading up to the election…in the end China is going to do what China is going to do.

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This is a rather important point if so and it would be nice to have confirmation of this. I know Trump backed down on imposing the latest round of tariffs. This riff already existed.

WASHINGTON – China appeared Thursday to sidestep President Donald Trump’s offer of a meeting with Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping – and threatened more retaliation if the U.S. follows through with new tariffs on their exports.

“China will have to take the necessary countermeasures,” said a translated statement from China’s Ministry of Finance.

Meanwhile, asked about Trump’s tweeted offer for a “personal meeting” with Xi to discuss Hong Kong and possibly trade, China Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said: "Regarding high-level communication, the Chinese and US Presidents have remained in contact with each other via meetings, phone calls and letters."

I see nothing to affirm the way you are stating this. Tariffs have already been a hot button issue.

Makes sense in midst of growing fears of a global recession.

Yes it would be really dumb for Trump to bring up their Treaty,
mostly because China hasn’t broken the treaty in this instance.

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