Trump Is Right: Silicon Valley Is Using H-1B Visas To Pay Low Wages To Immigrants

This has been known all along.

The modern indentured servitude is certainly a problem. But there are issues beyond the loss of American jobs. Quality is another concern. I’ve personally worked with someone who I believe was completely unqualified for his job. A manager friend who hired lots of foreign labor encountered the same thing. In fact he discovered one hire had cheated on a skills test by having someone else do the test for him.

There are no doubt incompetent Americans. But for the most part the quality of American work in the past was excellent. Now our airline, banking, and medical software is often being written by people who are unqualified and if not that prone to serious mistakes, a lack of concern about quality, and frankly a different view on truth and honesty. This could result in not just avoidable annoyances but actual danger to our health and even our life.

I think it has been known by those of us who follow labor issues, but the implications for organizing high tech sectors are not emphasized in the media.
The high tech industry has a vested interest in supporting H1B visas as it supports the availlbility of an alternative labor force which pressures workers against unionization.

As someone from a “feeder” country to this unhealthy system, I agree.

If that’s even partly true, then why doesn’t Silicon Valley pick out some promising high schoolers across the country and pay their way in whole or in part to get the technical training necessary to do those jobs? All kinds of other employers do that.

Indeed, some American companies with subsidiaries in foreign countries pay the freight to import foreign nationals to do the work over there, then send them back to work for the subsidiary once they’re trained.

If they can do that, then why not help locals get trained for jobs here?

I had to be amused about this. American students writing papers for wealthy foreign students in this country is widespread.

Most employers want employees already trained. Not that many, especially outside the trades, do apprenticeship anymore.

Of course.

But it’s not at all uncommon anymore for employers who are finding it difficult to attract qualified employees, to “in effect” put them through an apprenticeship. I could name three right now within five miles of where I sit that do it.

Now, I’m going to add that most of the time those programs are for associate degrees, not full bachelors’ degrees, but if one has an associate’s degree one can often pursue the bachelor’s on one’s own. Probably the most attractive of those is a computer software company near here. Once you get your degree, they pay is very good. They also do things to help you get your advanced degree, but I never knew for sure what all of that entails.

But regardless, if the choice is between bringing promising employees along or hiring a poorly-educated person from abroad, I think the proper answer is the former, even from a utilitarian standpoint.

At one time in my life I worked with H1B visas for healthcare workers. Some were quite qualified, and some absolutely were not.

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