Trump: Joe Biden Will Pack SCOTUS and ‘Shred Your 2nd Amendment’

No, those statements were far before when he was a backbencher in the IL senate and the issue was not really even before the legislature. Conservatives forgive all of Trump’s previous positions (and the racist campaign literature of Jesse Helms and of Ron Paul) but this is your ‘aha!’ moment? I think not.

I’m in denial about what he did? I don’t seem to recall any confiscation program but I’m sure that you and the NRA can point one out. Somehow.

Gun control? Every person in American favors gun control or children would carry pistols in their lunchboxes. The area where reasonable people differ is the extent and details of gun control.

Where many people fail to make the crucial distinction is as to confiscation. There has been no such confiscation effort.

Two of the greatest legal minds of my lifetime

If the next Democrat president has a Republican senate and nominates an originalist, I would absolutely support bipartisanship.

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His campaign stuff, Eric holder’s acknowledgement, his YouTube stuff after each crisis

No, not his old stuff, even though he hasn’t changed his mind or attempts

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Yes, after Sandy Hook, he talked about ‘gun control’ and violence avoidance. That’s not confiscation.

That’s not what Posner says and he was a Scalia colleague as a law school instructor.

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Oh! Well if Posner says it, it must be true.
Or not.

Okay, what does that have to do with what I wrote?

only because he didn’t have the votes, he was a fan of the Australian model, that is confiscation. as Melbourne shows us confiscation didn’t stop the gang gun violence that is going on there.

he would have confiscated guns if he had the votes to do so? which of course is speculation but good speculation based on his words.

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Sorry, it was supposed to do with the previous admin wanting to limit gun ownership!!!

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