Trump Jr.'s Skittles Photo Taken By Former Refugee — And Used Without Permission


Trump Jr.'s Skittles Photo Taken By Former Refugee — And Used Without Permission.

The story says it all.


What’s another lawsuit?


Here is a good take-down of the skittles analogy:

Donald Trump Jr.'s terrorist-Skittle analogy is completely wrong

It’s a rational argument based on facts. Fear, however, makes one irrational.


To assuage people’s concerns, the proper refutation is that there is no risk of terrorists hiding in unvetted refugees.

Instead, I read an article essentially saying “this bowl of skittles is not drawn to scale.” That’s the best he’s got?

People’s point is you can’t accept refugees without vetting them, and if you do, you have to basically herd them like cattle and imprison them, which is inhumane for the refugees.

So what is the solution that provides for the safety of the current populace, while offering help to those in need? It shouldn’t be one or the other.


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Innocent until proven guilty? Most terrorism in the US comes from within its borders. Why must all refugees in a crisis be treated like animals when you don’t do it to your own people who also pose a risk.

All bets are off in a humanitarian crisis. Sure, do whatever background checks you can but don’t treat people worse than animals out of fear.

The USA is in the fortunate situation whereby it can stir up war in the Middle East and then leave Europe to clean up its mess, instead of doing it’s fair share. What are Europeans supposed to do? Leave millions to rot in refugee camps, living in conditions that no human should ever be forced into? Doesn’t sound remotely Christian to me.



And by the way, the Syrian refugees that come to the US are thoroughly vetted, and they have been only 8,000 in number since 2015 (contra Trump’s lies). Of course, even the best vetting does not completely eliminate all risk, but there is some risk to everything in life. It is utterly un-Christian to reject any immigrants only because there remains a minuscule risk even after all reasonable security measures taken. In that case irrational, naked fear – our lowest instinct – trumps Christian compassion.


What does this have to do with the thread, and what does DXM have to do with codeine abuse?


Unfortunately, if something can be accessed via the the internet, people think they have a right to it without paying the owner.


That number of refugees is inaccurate because the spokesman for the State Department, John Kerby, said on Fox and Friends, “more than 10,000 now Syrian refugees that we’ve admitted into the country”


Still in the same ballpark.


Wow, slow news day if this was the biggest thing the pro-Clinton camp could come up with. It’s right up there with breaking other federal laws like… I don’t know… improper handling of classified information. Wow Don Jr should be thrown in prison for such callous disregard for copyright infringement.


State Department spokesman John Kirby acknowledged Wednesday that Islamic State terrorists are trying to mingle with refugee populations overseas in the hopes of making it to the U.S. posing as a refugee.


This is a good example of what Al Moritz said. Fear takes what Mr. Kirby said and irrationally projects it into an unreasonable calculation of actual risk to any one person. As we saw from the Vox article cited in post #3,

  • The report found that an American’s chances of being killed by a refugee in a terrorist attack in any given year are 1 in 3.64 billion. America’s murder rate — at 4.5 per 100,000 capita — is about 163,800 times higher.

It is important to distinguish between something that is possible and something that is likely.


LOL, their is no need for any risk.

We can provide our help per the UN agreement on refugees, which is aid near the site of the conflict, and work to end the conflict so they can return home.


I heard that as well.


Not vetted at all.


They don’t speak English, have zero interest in assimilating, and are being thrown into, for them, an alien culture.

The best approach according to the United Nations refugee experts is to house them in safe zones within one country away from their homes. Which means safe areas in Syria itself or in Turkey.

Saudi Arabia has four million air conditioned tents, used for their annual Haj, which are unoccupied the rest of the year. They are a Muslim culture and have plenty of money available and are fairly close to Syria. Yet they have not brought in ANY refugees.


Who told you that lie?


The United States House of Representatives:

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