Trump jumps on offer to have Joe Rogan moderate debate with Joe Biden

This would be a real debate. I like the idea. President Trump already agreed, waiting on Joe Biden.

“On my podcast with @joerogan he offered to moderate a debate between @JoeBiden and @realDonaldTrump It would be four hours with no live audience. Just the two candidates, cameras, and their vision of how to move this country forward. Who wants this?” Kennedy said in his tweet.

Who is Joe Rogan?

He is a popular feller who has I think the number one podcast. Actor, Mix Martial Arts, tv host and comedian.

Thanks. I have never heard of him. Is he a conservative? Why is President Trump a fan of his?


I’ve not listened to a Joe Rogan show before but he certainly is a popular podcast host. On some other chats sights I visit he’s frequently talked about.

I recall he seemed to originally indorse Bernie Sanders. I’m not sure who Rogan is endorsing now.

no, he is not a Trump supporter. He is a liberal. But, old school liberal. He does not have Trump Derangement Syndrome. He has “attack” Trump, he has attack Biden. But he is most against Biden. Says voting for Biden is like Voting for a flashlight with dead batteries, or something like that. At one point before Biden was the nominee, he said he would vote for sanders. He did not endorse Sanders, he said that he would.

The guy does not like the Main Stream Media.

Political positions

Rogan is not affiliated with any political party, but has been described as mostly having libertarian views.[82] He has described himself as being “pretty liberal” and supports gay marriage, gay rights, women’s rights, recreational drug use, universal healthcare, and universal basic income, while also supporting the Second Amendment.[84][85] He has also criticized American foreign policy of military adventurism.[86]

Rogan endorsed Ron Paul in the 2012 U.S. presidential campaign[87] and Gary Johnson in the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign.[88]

Okay, thanks for the info. I don’t know if I would trust him though. In this political climate, Trump doesn’t seem to have anyone who won’t turn on him.

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So why should Biden agree to have him moderate?

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Why should President Trump debate knowing most are moderated by liberals like
CNN, NPR or MSNBC. Why is Joe Biden entitled to be treated with kid gloves?


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He played the maintenance man on News Radio

What’s he got to lose?

Edit: Let me rephrase this…

The why? Is too easy. He wants votes doesn’t he?
The Why not? That we do not have an answer.

I don’t remember that show.

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