Trump Just Named General H.R. McMaster National Security Advisor

I don’t know very much about him. I hope he will be a good pick.

I actually served in the same organization as he did for a bit. He has a reputation for being a very sharp guy who is completely unafraid of telling his boss when he thinks they’re wrong. So I’m actually alright with this pick. Credit where credit is due.

I agree, a sharp balanced mind. Hopefully he can help the President make good decisions and present them in a reasonable way.

2014 interview with Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster.

He wrote “Dereliction of Duty,” a work drawn from his doctoral dissertation at North Carolina (1997 CSPAN Book interview). (Some Military members reviews of his book)

I heard he thinks outside of the box, which can be a good thing. We need someone imaginative and creative in this position.

That’s what I thought too. He’s *much *better than Flynn and will not be afraid to voice his opinion. Pair him with Mattis and you have 2 very capable, combat proven leaders who are independent thinkers and will not put politics in the way of their jobs.

CNN’s Pentagon correspondent, Barbara Starr, said the same thing. That McMaster is no one’s yes man. With someone with the personality of Donald Trump at the helm, that can’t be all that bad of a thing. The last thing someone like Donald Trump needs is a yes man. Now it will be up to Donald Trump to actually allow someone to differ with him.

that is good to know. :thumbsup:

Interesting fact: McMaster was the leader of E Troop during the Battle of 73 Easting.

Would that we could apply that to members of Congress.

That would take almost 535 miracles. Get Thomas More on it right away.

Hope and pray!!!

Good man, sharp intellect.

May Blessed Mary, Ever Virgin, intercede for him and for all government officials.

An intelligent and capable leader who is qualified for the job is getting a place in Trump’s administration. I am the only one who finds this surreal?

Yup. Credit to President Trump for the good pick. Need someone like that. Flynn was probably too partisan to Trump.

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