Trump led month of distractions and grievances

Um, is this article biased?

Why do you ask?

Well, dvdjs, it seems to me that the American mainstream media in general does not like President Donald Trump.

Well, most Americans don’t approve of his conduct as president.
That may be a matter of critical thinking, not bias.


The majority of Americans do not either. And the International World thinks even less of him.


I notice that if you string together Trump’s own quotes and his own writings, it will draw criticism of bias.
All of the Content need be is a heading," TRUMP SAID THIS," THEN 100% of the non Trump quotes ," and then he said this."
This would be called Trump bias, and all of the popular acronyms, and ways of painting people as things/ them, we can generally sum up as " leftist."
Quoting Trump can literally bring a charge of anti Trump bias. An obvious appeal to worried people not daring to even talk about what our president said.

And I have noticed that if you string together a bunch of Biden quotes, he looks pretty bad too.

It all depends on the quotes one chooses.

So string them. Biden will sound dumb perhaps, but I doubt you will conclude immoral or without empathy. As I see it this is a clear distinction and it matters to me most

It’s ironic that Jerry Stiller passed away during this long term airing of the grievances.

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