Trump links yanking ex-CIA chief John Brennan's security clearance to Russia probe


100% Political.


Brennan is/was 100% political.


And 100% the right move. Brennan doesn’t need a security clearance, and neither do the others that were mentioned.


Yes. A good Gus Hall man.


I was surprised that he and other former government employees even HAVE security clearances.


It’s surprising that Brennan had one in the first place.


Yeah, well, THAT TOO.


It’s being reported here as the clearance being taken away because of what this person is saying about trump and things in the White House


I had a secret security clearance when I was in the Army and 15 years after that.
Having a secret security clearance gives you access to nothing.
After obtaining the clearance you have to be cleared for the program.
Then your access after that is on a need to know. You only have access/knowledge to what you need to know.
This was 100% political


So, Brennan not having it doesn’t change anything. That’s good to know. Brennan has become part of the leftist media. There is nothing wrong with politics. Brennan chose his a long time ago.


There is that leftist word again…
This was 100% political.


I’m sorry. Maybe with Brennan I should have said Stalinist. You know, CPUSA and Gus Hall


Wow Jon. I will not go down that road. Just shaking the sand off my feet. Shaking my head and walking away…Have a good day…



Brennan voted Communist.


It doesn’t change anything for Brennan. It does change things for anyone who might have benefited from his advice. But then the current administration doesn’t think they need any advice from those with experience, do they?


The president decided that he does not need advice from him. If the next president feels the need to consult him, he can receive a clearance then.


He decided all by himself and didn’t notify his intelligence people. Sure he can legally do it but it makes him look like a wanna-be dictator.

Trump may not need his advice but current intelligence people may.


Brennan introduced the Russian “dossier” to the FBI. How did that come to pass, and what connections, if any, does Brennan have with those who produced it. He is so political I don’t see how anybody could trust him not to leak or betray. Withdrawing his security clearance might actually be designed to keep the unwary in government from foolishly confiding in him.


Trump admitted it was because of the Russia investigation. Purely revenge.


Did he tell you all his thoughts? If I had been Trump I would have fired him based solely on Gus Hall and Brennan’s weaponizing that “dossier” which clearly required Russian complicity to assemble.

Brennan started all of the bogus “Russia collusion” while it appears he was the one colluding with the Russians. He has no business with access to any American information more secret than the NYC phone book.

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