Trump makes false statement about U.S. murder rate to sheriffs’ group


President Trump met Tuesday morning with a group of sheriffs from the National Sheriffs Association, a group that consists of more than 3,000 sheriffs from around the country. And to this sworn group of law enforcement veterans, with reporters taking notes, he again repeated a falsehood about the murder rate in America.

Trump told the sheriffs, “the murder rate in our country is the highest it’s been in 47 years.” He blamed the news media for not publicizing this development, then added, “But the murder rate is the highest it’s been in, I guess, 45 to 47 years.”

The country’s murder rate is not the highest it’s been in 47 years. It is almost at its lowest point, actually, according to the FBI, which gathers statistics every year from police departments around the country.


Further attempts to militarize an already militarized police.


What? Even I knew the murder rate has dropped. Does no one around president Trump have the courage to check his facts for him? I assume he has some advisers that are literate enough to stop this. I am so weary of liars. Good policy does not need lies. If lies are needed, then something wrong is being propped up with them.

Is this the same meeting where he threatened to destroy a Texas state senator for trying to reform civil forfeiture?


They’re alternative facts…:rolleyes:


Trump makes false statement

Dog bites man.


I believe it is.

After being told by a sheriff about a policy that would require people to have been convicted of a crime before police take their assets, Mr Trump encouraged law enforcement to make the name of the politician public.
“Who is the state senator? Do you want to give his name?” Mr Trump asked during a meeting at the White House. “We’ll destroy his career.”


Presenting this quote seriously, outside of its true context, is just as dishonest as saying the murder rate is the highest it’s ever been. Is it really too much to ask that at least one of the “sides” involved try to avoid being blatantly deceptive?


I suspect he’s referring to places like Chicago. Baltimore, and Washington DC where the murder rates are up significantly.


I posted an article, I did not write the article. Did he not say this?

There is a video in the link as well.



Is it that cumbersome to click on a link and read it and check out the video before calling someone dishonest?


Wow! The murder rate has gone up in places where there are more murders. What a surprising statistic!

If Trump wants to make statements that are only true under narrow qualification, he should make those qualifications clear. But then his statement would not have had the impact it did, so I guess that excuses the inaccuracies.


Are you aware there is a difference between a joke and a sincere threat to destroy a man’s career? I didn’t need to click the link because I saw the video yesterday. I wasn’t calling YOU dishonest. I was calling the ARTICLE dishonest. And yes, dishonest really. Either that or the comprehension skills of the human race have been thoroughly eliminated.


Quick peak at DC.
Rates within the '80s and '90s are higher than recent rates
2015 spiked-up, but are back down in 2016.

So even with the inventive interpretation, still false.


The article gave the quote and showed the video.

All I did was confirm that that is where he said he’ll “destroy his career.”

I can understand how a real estate person can joke around like that. It’s not funny when the president does, in my opinion.


This thread is the first i have heard about the “destroy his career” thing. I could be convinced that part was meant as a joke but Trump did say “can you believe that” when the sheriff talked about the TX senator wanting to get convictions before the assets were taken away. Trump seemingly supporting civil forfeiture without due process is more abhorrent to me then asking if the sheriff wanted to provide a name to ruin the man career. Civil forfeiture without due process is nothing but government approved theft. The TX state senator, whoever they are, should be commended and that sheriff needs to be voted out next election.


To be fair(ish) I just found an article, albeit on Breitbart, that says the murder rate is INCREASING faster than in 50 years…which sounds like they’re just playing with data to make their point. You can’t take one year’s worth of data and suggest a trend.

Statistics are confusing to people who don’t understand them, and I think Trump is one of those people. It seems that he is interpreting the data to say that if the murder rate in a few cities in 2015 went up a little bit, that automatically means that murders all over the country are going up. Which is wrong. The data may be right, but his analysis of it is wrong.


But I do not believe the are the same. One is an honest statement. The context may mitigate it by making it sound less threatening, unless one also considers the broader context that this is the nation’s leader making this statement. In the broader context, even a joke can do great damage.

The other is a blatant lie. Demonstrably false. The first makes one a poor comedian; the latter makes one ignorant, or a liar, kind of like the Bowling Green Massacre.


He’s making a speech, not writing an academic treatise. Lighten up. Or don’t. I’m still finding the leftist freakout over Trump to be fairly amusing, so either is fine.


We will see how “amused” you are by the end of the year.:frowning:


You know what, I’m not the biggest Trump fan in the world, and have some real concerns about his quick (unfiltered) wit, and possible spur of the moment policy decisions. I do like a lot of what he is starting in motion about reducing the governmental burden on folks.

I am sure there will be some bad things that happen during his presidency not because of him necessarily, but that every presidency has good and bad.

BUT, the left’s practice of looking at every single statement or action of the president in order to see how it can be spun as a negative story isn’t going to help in the long run. Pretty much ANYTHING from WaPo, NYT, CNN or it’s offspring is now just white noise to most Americans. We’re not listening because we know it is not valid reporting for informations sake as much as propaganda against the current administration.

If you want people (other than the leftist base) to listen attentively when there are real stories of concern, you would do well to stop crying wolf on the minor ones.



Excuse me, but Trump did not sound so light-hearted when he made this comment. He sounded serious. When Trump lightens, I will lighten up. Until then, lies meant to denigrate his enemies need to be called out as lies.

You want to see who is really freaking out? See this.

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