Trump Massive Rally Walk to Supreme Court - Nov. 14th- Twitter

Are you watching the march to the Supreme Court? Posted the Right Side Broadcasting link on “Popular Media” Thread…

Alex Jones is angry he got kicked off Twitter., Facebook and Youtube.

Below is the video with a panoramic view of the crowd if you looking for the size of the crowd.

Is this a protest of Fox News? Why don’t they change the channel if they don’t like Fox?


Oh, this is like the 2016 protest when Trump won.

Yup, it’s just a reversal of roles. Now the Republicans will pick at Joe for 4 years.

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Ah, well Joe will be okay. He’s been picked on before.

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Why go to the Supreme court? It does not have original jurisdiction. Those Trump win wannabees should be protesting elsewhere.

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No buildings burned down, no police officers abused.


Would be disappointing if they didn’t. Too bad Collins left.

The Republicans will never do to Joe what the democrats did to Trump for 4 years.

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Biden won’t do to American institutions what Trump did. What’s your point?

I think we are in for a very boring four years. No waking up in the morning to a tweet storm of lies and invective from the President. No denying reality from the Press Secretary. No Hatch Act violations. No children in the West Wing.


What they did to Obama?

How wonderful it would be. Of course to realize that we need to make sure that McConnell will lose the majority.

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And I, for one, am totally looking forward to that!


It will be hard for them to claim Joe was born in Kenya. :rofl::rofl:

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Pay some attention, eh?

The only arrests were of BLM/Antifa protestors doing violence on MAGA protestors. Numerous examples of their violence can be found online. I’m sorta surprised Twitter lets the videos stay up.

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Me too. When Trump used the name “Sleepy Joe” I thought “That would be nice, to have a president that is calming rather than one that dominates the news cycles with alarming stuff.”

I remember going offline from Jan 1 to Jan 3 to make my way to Singapore, and when I came back online “World War 3” was trending on Twitter.

Who needs Antifa?

weird…looks like about 15,000 maybe tops. But the lying mouthpiece for the WH claims 1mln+ . No wonder why their math is so off in this election. no one can count

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Antifa promoting violence, carrying a sign even saying such.

Well Twitter is not a good representation of reality and that trend amounted to nothing.

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