Trump may be ready to strike Iran next month



sigh, this sounds bad. I hope he isn’t targeting nuclear facilities.

explosives + nuclear material = dirty bomb


I really do doubt this. But if there is new intelligence that demonstrates an ongoing nuke development plan that is close to being a deliverable weapon, I could picture it.

I’m not sufficiently knowledgeable about ordnance to know whether a dirty bomb would be created if a nuclear facility is attacked, but I could at least imagine some kind of kinetic weapon like “Rods from God” that would simply fracture whatever mountain it’s under and cause it to shift itself sealed.

But again, I doubt this is in the making.


Count me as skeptical. I didn’t even want to click any links on this thing…
Now that I think about, I shouldn’t have clicked the link to read the article.


I’ve already accepted that. If this is really true they wouldn’t leak this out.
I’m more interested in why they are saying this at this time. What’s the ulterior motive?


When they cite unnamed sources, one always has to wonder whether the Aussies said it at all. Could just be fake news.


Does his base really want this?


I don’t, but…



Whose base? PM Turnbull’s?


Have you heard any faction in the US with a modicum of support want war with Iran?

Me neither.


Proceed with the Orbital Bombardment.


Well, one might suspect Democrats would, since Iran is a close ally of Putin.
On the other hand, Rouhani and Obama were close enough for Obama to send him billions of dollars in cash.
So, it’s probably a wash.



Have you heard any faction in the US with a modicum of support want war with Iran?

Me neither.
Maybe he’s planning to do it with the support of Bibi…


Except when you don’t.


And Australia will be involved with target ID and acquisition.

Bye bye Pine Gap


Australia doesn’t do fake news , Sir!


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