Trump may have been unclear, but Sweden experiencing a migrant crime wave


Police investigator Peter Springare isn’t likely to be among those mocking President Trump for his remarks about refugees in Sweden.

Trump’s comments during a Florida campaign rally on Saturday – which some took as a misstatement about a supposed terror attack – dovetail with what Springare has been seeing during a typical week in Orebro, Sweden. Five rapes, three assaults, a pair of extortions, blackmail, an attempted murder, violence against police and a robbery made up Springare’s caseload for a five-day period earlier this month, according to a Feb. 3 Facebook post he wrote. The suspects were all from Muslim-majority countries – Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia and Turkey – save for one Swedish man nabbed in a drug-related case.

“Mohammed, Mahmod, Ali, again and again,” Springare wrote of those arrested.

Springare, who is now being investigated for possible hate crime incitement based on his post, managed to elucidate what Trump only hinted at during a Florida campaign speech – somewhat opaquely.


Rape is up 1400% since they changed their migration policy in 1975.

That’s tolerance, diversity and multiculturalism is considered by by some to be terror.

As they say, one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist.

Looks like they failed once again to pin something on President Trump! :smiley:


This was published just 3 hours in The Independent in the UK:

“Donald Trump is right, there was a recent attack in Sweden. By neo-Nazis on a Refugee Centre”…-a7588516.html


The videos are out there if you look for them. Middle Eastern refugees-immigrants, rioting, torching cars and the police doing very little about.




Just as a house has borders, doors and only certain people are allowed in, so does a country. A system that is at least good at vetting and protective of the country’s people should be in place to allow certain people in.


The libs and dems have egg all over their faces with this one! lol


Nope. There was no incident on Friday night as Trump suggested. Crime in Sweden is still one of the lowest in Europe and has actually fallen since 2014. As British historian Simon Sharma said "The real story of Sweden, 250,000 migrants and not a single terrorist incident.


Wow, a week in Sweden. Sounds like a that level of crime would take place in a few minutes in the USA. You do know that the US’s rape rate is over 4 times higher than Sweden?


It’s not about which is higher, it’s about what change has occurred since the recent influx of migrants from majority-Muslim countries. If there is a noticeable increase since the influx of migrants, and if the majority of perpetrators are migrants, then that’s something that deserves attention.




Of the POTUS? Perhaps, as the PM of Sweden reminded him, he might give is attention to crime in FL where he was speaking.


No, Donald Trump was wrong. He didn’t say recent he said it happened Friday night. And he wasn’t talking about that incident.


how any Christian can like Donald trump is beyond me. the man has bragged about grabbing women by their *******. he has not paid thousands of contractors. he has had affairs on all of his wives. he has turned off the electricity in his buildings to force people to vacate the buildings so he could construct anther. one lady had lung cancer and he had them tear down her walls so she couldn’t breath. he mocks people with disabilities. the pope has condemned many of his behaviors. please tell me what I am missing??? or I suppose this is all fake news. if your think you are a good Christian and you support Donald trump… you need to go back to the basics.


Do you see what is happening in Syria. just one more reason to NOT like this piece of ****! don’t let them in and protect ourselves. We are supposed to help the poor! these people have no place to go. they have children and no homes for them. not to mention they are in a war zone!


he is taking us closer and closer to Nazi Germany era. He now condemns all media except the alt right. Anyone who worships him he LOVES. this is the closest we have been to a dictatorship. all the news is fake but Fox. fox loves him. cnn, msnbc, abc, huffington post, Washington post, New York times. this man is taking us down a road we don’t want to go. and when there is a war because he can’t keep his mouth shut, I hope to God, they people that voted for him, send their kids.


I’ve reviewed the video and have concluded he was referring to the violence spotlighted in a documentary he viewed Fri. night


I believe the OP mentioned that he was unclear.

It seems as if his supporters have to scramble to clarify what he said, then the claim is valid, no?

But being unclear or vague is nothing new coming from Trump.


He is right of course.

Crime rate has risen in peaceful Europe but more telling is in the Scandinavian countries because of the stark contrast as compared to before their acceptance of huge influx of Muslim immigrants.

Those people in denial are simply denying that their government has caused the changes in demography and the crimes that came with it. It is hard to deny a mistake.

The media which Trump labelled as Fake News are spokesmen for the left and therefore are biased. Yes, their news is more of the opinion that they hold unto. So news reports are to be taken with a pinch of salt everytime or we can just simply don’t watch or read them. They are garbage.


Donald Trump never mocked anyone with disabilities and many Christians still approved of William Jefferson Clinton despite his extracurricular activities.

Most people don’t like it because Trump is now a republican.

And we are at the basics. Abortion, marriage, and other life issues.

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