Trump-Mueller tensions escalate

*President Trump is ramping up his criticism of Robert Mueller, warning that the special counsel investigating Russian election interference would cross the line by looking into his finances.

Mueller is now reportedly doing just that — looking at transactions involving Trump’s businesses and those of his associates.

The development is sure to exacerbate Trump’s frustration with the Russia probe, an investigation that has dogged his presidency and forced him and his closest aides to hire legal representation.

Among other things, Mueller is said to be probing potential obstruction of justice by Trump, following the president’s decision to fire FBI director James Comey at the height of the bureau’s investigation into Russian meddling — an event that precipitated Mueller’s appointment.*

Why do I have a feeling that Trump’s about to do something extremely stupid, such as firing Mueller? The guy is handling the Russia probe so poorly, it’s ridiculous.

Try to read the late breaking news at WaPo and NYT. Stunning news.

With regard to the thread title, I suspect that all of the tension lies with Trump. I doubt that Mueller has any tensions with Trump - he’s just doing the job he signed up for.

You mean about Trump’s asking for pardoning powers for himself, his family, and his appointments?

That’s only part of it.

Someone should tell him that accepting a pardon is an admission of guilt.

Possible admission of guilt if true?

On federal crimes, they’re saying.

I’m starting to think that Mueller hasn’t found anything of interest regarding the election collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, so he’s venturing into his business transactions/dealings, even though that clearly goes beyond the mandate of the stated investigation.

Forget witch hunt, this is an inquisition.

That seems a bit odd. Is there any precedent for this?

I honestly don’t know. Apparently Manafort is being investigated for money laundering now as well.

Is he even looking at Russia anymore?

As is destroying evidence that was subpoenaed.

It is possible that the money he is accused of laundering comes from Russia. They aren’t mutually exclusive.

Money trails are easier to follow once you get them.

Lol That should be your tag line!

Beyond a doubt.

It’s always a good fist question to ask when you think something is odd when talking about Trump. I didn’t think I would have to ask it three straight days.

You need to get out of your comfort zone and read more than the Washington Times. And, BTW, it is not beyond his scope according to his contract.

If Trump comes out clean after all of this, he will be massively vindicated. He’d go on for weeks about it.

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