Trump needs redemption


I didn’t watch the video. Scripture tells us to pray for our leaders.
Actually 1 Peter was specific in his call to obedience to the Roman emperor. It’s not a matter of whether or not we consider our leadership “saved” or “not saved.” There is no question that being president of the United States requires divine guidance. As members of the Body of Christ, trusting in God, we can pray for the guidance whoever holds the Office needs to make the correct decision. Pray also for members of the House and Senate.
Prayers are especially needed during this time of division in our country when members of both House and Senate are reluctant to cross party lines, to actually work on the many needs facing this nation.
We are blessed to live in a nation where we can choose those who represent us. Perhaps we have been complacent in not calling them to accountability. Be that as it may be, we still can pray for each member, especially the person who is elected for our own district or state. Ask God for guidance as he/she writes bills to presented and each bill comes up for a vote, regardless of party affiliation.
Pray for a change of heart, if needed, that a specific Congress person or Senator develop a closer relationship with God, that his/her vote be aligned with that relationship.
Then let’s see what changes will happen in this country to correct the divisiveness that current plagues it.

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Political exorcism for Nancy and the party of death…

Peter, our Pope, also said we are aliens, foreigners, in the lands where we live, which is echoed by many church fathers; we are not Republicans, not Democrats, not Trump supporters, not Pelosi supporters, but citizens of a different Kingdom, only living here in the midst of these people who Paul describes in the end of his first chapter to the Romans.
We are here to be salt and light, not here to vote for nor depend on them for blessing.
If they lie and cheat and divide, they are doing it to themselves, and we are here so that they can see people different in hope and intention. We are not here to beef up the vote count for either party, nor to save mankind in America by forcing policy with persuasion nor any other means.
They must do it; not us. We are in the world, in the United States (some of us, others in other countries), but we are not of the world (we do not have success by political, military, nor any other human strength).
Donald Trump is not your chosen one… nor Nancy Pelosi… You are here for them to see you, not to support them - you are different than both of them, different than Republican, different than Democrat, different than American - you are not from here, but are sojourning until your mission is done.


Everyone needs redemption.

In the meantime, I’ll vote for politicians who effect the kinds of political actions that are closest to what I want them to be, same way as I’d get on a plane with a pilot, even a rude one, who agrees to fly to the destination I request. And I won’t get on a plane with a ‘nice’ pilot who informs me upfront he plans to fly in the opposite direction from where I want to go.

I’ll only vote based on ‘character’ if everything else is LITERALLY equal. Otherwise, I’ll vote based on policy. Same way as I’ll fly based on destination, not on the character of my pilot (unless ALL pilots are going to the same place, and then sure I’ll symbolically support the best-character pilot by choosing his plane).


I pray for Trump, but I worry about his leadership. I do not trust his leadership. I pray that God saves us nonetheless.

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Well stated.

I agree with you on this.

Precisely. My lectio divina yesterday was 1 Peter 2:19. In all of our actions we are called to act in accordance to our conscience, in obedience first and foremost to God regardless of consequences however unjust. Christ said that in order to be his disciple, we must be willing to pick up our cross and follow after Him. That can indeed result in persecution.
When shown a coin, what response did Jesus give? “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is God’s.”

I watched a beautiful homily last week. Yes, it quoted Donald Trump’s words at the Pro-Life rally. When I reposted the video to my FaceBook page, I noted the importance of listening to the whole video. There is nobody beyond redemption. Our prayers, as members of the Body of Christ have power.

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