Trump on Christian Genocide


This morning

Donald J. TrumpVerified account

Christians in the Middle-East have been executed in large numbers. We cannot allow this horror to continue!


ummm… wonder what’s up with that


More war.


President Trump is right.


I wonder what he is considering.


We also can’t do much, if anything, to stop it.


I’m glad someone cares.


Tell that to the Saudi royals he does business with. It ain’t no picnic for Christians in Saudi Arabia, who Trump just rewarded with free entry into the U.S. Not the strongest message to be sending if you’re truly concerned with Christian persecution.


You are a broken record. :rolleyes:

If Trump walked on water, you would say he couldn’t swim.


Are you not aware of the connection between Saudi wealth and radical Islamic terrorism?


I don’t think Trump can cut off immigration to the Saudi’s due to America’s business ties with the country.


I think it goes together with what he said about enforcing the current law which gives refugees from religious persecution priority standing in seeking status in the US. The prior administration ignored this part of the law and condoned practices that had the effect of giving preference to those seeking refugee status for economic and safety reasons over those seeking refugee status to escape religious persecution.


In other words to an extent they own you.


That means he’ll do all he can to prevent it from happening here.

Christians haven’t forgotten in a year!


In other words…“about ‘draining the swamp’…uh, yeah…tabled next to whenever I decide to appoint another special prosecutor to lock up Hillary…” Hillary’s already one broken promise – giving Saudi Muslims special privileges is another broken promise.


Saudi Arabia is not a failed state run by a terrorist organization.


I wouldn’t think that was a promise we’d want her to keep.


This is another reason why Trump has broad support in the predominantly cultural Christian country known as America. He simply repeats the concerns of many Americans ignored by the ‘mainstream media’ and the political left.
If my memory serves me correctly, many political commentators on the left couldn’t even say Christians were targeted in the Middle East without being dragged kicking and screaming. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe Obama administration initially wanted to recognize Yazidi genocide only but not genocide against Christians in the north of Iraq.

Yes because Saudi Arabia is a functional state run by a terrorist hereditary dictatorship.


Why can’t he just make a verbal statement like an ordinary human being? I’ve heard more than one person refer to him as “Twitler”, which I have to admit is kind of funny, in a thoroughly downbeat and depressing sort of way. But these brief one liners he types off and then hurls into cyberspace are becoming increasingly jarring. Personally, I believe the entire medium of Twitter should just be outlawed and banned outright, considering the serious damage it’s done to human communication, but that’s another subject I guess.


Plus, Trump apparently has some pretty significant personal business ties to Saudi Arabia, owning large hotels and apartment complexes and who knows what else.

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