Trump Orders Immediate Reopening of Places of Worship, Says He'll Override Governors If They Refuse To Open

President Trump provebially tearing down “The Walls” that the Democrat Governors (and to some extent the Republicans too) have erected via executive orders.

Thank you President Trump!


Trump Orders Immediate Reopening of Places of Worship, Says He’ll Override Governors If They Refuse To Open





U.S. President Donald Trump speaks in the Roosevelt Room at the White House May 19, 2020 in Washington, DC.DOUG MILLS/GETTY

President Donald Trump ordered Friday the immediate reopening of churches that have been closed for weeks amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“If they don’t do it, I will override the governors,” Trump said in brief remarks at the White House on Friday after days of signaling that he planned to call for the reopening. “In America we need more prayer, not less.”

Trump didn’t take answers from reporters and it’s unclear what authority he would exert to overstep governors.

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany would not answer when repeatedly asked during Friday’s briefing.

“The president will strongly encourage every governor to allow their churches to reopen,” she told reporters. “We can all hope that this Sunday, people are allowed to pray to their gods all across the country.” . . . .

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Did Trump say which church he was going to this weekend?


I guess people can make up their own mind if they want to attend or not.

If the church is not following guidelines, I would stay home. Even though Catholic churches have re-opened, I am making the personal decision to remain home.

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That personal decision is being made everywhere despite the
" cause" of reopening.
They become lucid and hard to manage when death and sickness is at stake.

The issue after reopening could be social distancing, making the sick stay home, etc. which even if declared mandatory may be harder to enforce than simply keeping the buildings closed. I don’t think Catholics will flout rules much but others may be influenced by ministers who IMO take the situation as a test of “faith”, not to mention their financial motivation.

I’d love to have someone explain to me what authority the president has to “override” governors.


Just remember, when it came down to it, the small government Republicans chose to centralize even more power from the states in the federal government.


In our diocese the archbishop closed in person mass for the public before there was any governor’s order to do so. And now he is defying the governor by opening mass again, but with restrictions. There were talks underway between the governor and the Catholic Conference of Minnesota Bishops on compromise conditions for resumption of mass and a joint news conference was scheduled with our Archbishop and our Governor when Trump dropped his bomb and it was cancelled. We were working things out peacefully, Minnesota fashion, until he had to butt in. Thanks for nothing, Mr. President.


I think the man sometimes imagine’s powers that he doesn’t have. He’s made orders before that were declared unconstitutional and nullified.


That one church that opened had 33 infected members out of like 70 something.
You wonder how Trump can Order As he did. These are his voters.( Something that sometimes makes him lucid)

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Like he said he trusted governors for the handling of their individual states we should trust the Bishops of our Diocese to make the safest right decisions for their parishione rs. Each place and each situation is different.


Clergy are not in the Pandemic science business.
And sorry, how many of these Protestant churches are driven by $?


Hubby told me he had heard some of the “mega churches” were telling their people to sign over their stimulus checks to them. REALLY? ???

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I think that’s an insult to our Protestant brothers and sisters. One could say the same about the Catholic Church if you consider CSA and various fundraising plans.

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Saw the story.

1st though. Well done Trump.

2nd thought, is he just doing this to get in good with religious folks (who there are a lot of) with an election coming up?

3rd thought, why is he threatening to do things he doesn’t have the power to do anyway?

In general though, whatever Trump’s real motivations might be for this, I believe if shops can be opened then churches can too. I actually think it’s easier to apply social distancing in churches than in shops.

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I’m listening to our Bishop and parish priests who are still advocating social distancing and other church guidelines…I could care less what the President…Governors… or anyone else says on this matter.


I heard that a while ago yes.

How much power should the states cede to the federal government?

Your Bishop sounds exemplary

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And I can guarantee you Priests will do their absolute best to follow all guidelines and make sure their parishioners do too because they do NOT want the doors of their Churches to be closed and locked again or for people to not be able to have public Mass or receive the Sacraments. It has hurt our Clergy as much as it has hurt us because they live to serve and we are their spiritual families. They are our spiritual Fathers and they were separated from us. They felt the separation very much.

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