Trump orders new FBI investigation into Kavanaugh

Apparently they do have “jurisdiction”, and apparently this is not such an impossible thing to do.

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If they had done this two weeks ago, the investigation would be done by now…

I really don’t get it. If what they say is true, an additional investigation should only add more certainty to his story.


If they had done it even a week ago.


And if Feinstein had not played politics with this in cared anything for doctor forward Khama this could have been done months ago. If you wanna blame anyone blame her for doctor Ford for their inability to provide any actual information that people can verify.


Nope. Not good enough. The Republicans are supposed to be in control. Assuming what they say is true, they could have killed this by now.

How? If they had tried to extinguish this, how would that have been portrayed by the press?

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Exactly as it’s being portrayed now except they would be on firmer ground because they could say “we did the investigation and according to the FBI background there is no corroboration of Dr. Ford’s account”.

Instead, we get to wait a week for the exact same thing to play out (unless the FBI finds something). However, because they have so botched this and made it look like they have something to hide, half the country (or more) will still think we are about to put a rapist on the court.

The Republicans pursued a bad strategy, and now they have egg on their faces. There is no way to spin it.

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Feinstein is the one who botched this by sitting on the information.

What could Ford have expected when she sent the letter to whomever she sent it to? If her recollection was to have any effect, it would need to be public.

Feinstein should have explained this to Ford when she first received the letter. All this stringing along has accomplished is to make the accusation look very political.

So the other half of the country thinks this is a con job showing the Dems will do anything to get what they want.

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Still not good enough. This story leaked out two weeks ago. The FBI investigation could be done by now and we could be headed to a vote in a couple days.

The Republican strategy was a bad one. Period.

OTOH, having been handed a rotten egg (last minute release of info), in hindsight the Rs should have gone with the FBI investigation.

At the time, an investigation looked like a delaying tactic which could drag on forever without getting anywhere.

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This is what is so frustrating to me. I actually liked and supported Kavanaugh before all this. I’m an unaffiliated moderate. I like his small government, strict constructionist approach. However, integrity is hugely important to me.

At this point, I’m wondering what folks were trying to hide. He was so different in this last testimony that I don’t know whether or not that reasoned disinterested strict constructionist is really who he is. I don’t know what to think.

I’ve been trying to watch the hearing, but it’s so long! I don’t want to see just the chosen parts they have on the short videos.

I think it was you who thought he should have been more unifying, but I am not sure what you meant by that. I think he didn’t state that sexual abuse is bad because that’s a given. Everyone agrees on that.

With all due respect, you just did.

No I didn’t.

As a nation, we have always expected our judges to be impartial and disinterested third parties. They are to decide their cases strictly on the merits. Essential to preserving this is that they keep their political leanings close to their vest. They are humans. They are allowed opinions, but being a passionate public advocate for any one political side is discouraged.

This principle is one of the reasons Alito got so upset about President Obama attacking the court during the State of the Union address. Justices can only sit there and take the hits. They aren’t allowed to respond to the politics of it.

So, when Kavanaugh sat there are started attacking Democrats and blaming the Clintons, I was immediately turned off. Then he continued to be hostile toward the Democrats, but amiable with the Republicans. I can understand why he had such strong emotions, but even if he is right (and he may be), judges simply cannot do this. He utterly destroyed his image as an impartial disinterested third party. And, for me, he threw his prior testimony into question. Was he being honest when he said he decides his cases on the merits and isn’t influenced by outside factors?

He could have vigorously defended himself without having to go there. But, he did go there and he went there repeatedly.

I’m not sure I can ever support him fully after that. Many of my independent friends feel the same way.


Does anybody really think an investigation limited to 1 week is going to satisfy the “Ford Faithful”?


No. It will never be enough, but they won’t tell you that until the week is over.


Good point but no, because the Ford faithful line up very closely with Hillary Clinton and George Soros, so they are not going to be satisfied until they destroy Kavanaugh and keep Trump from putting anyone on the Supreme Court.

Just google Blasey Ford’s lawyer, Debra Katz.

Also, it was very interesting yesterday that Blasey Ford’s lawyers said they were handling this case “probono”.


Well, yes, judges are supposed to do that in their professional capacity, but a lot of judges we=re defense lawyers and prosecutors before they were judges, and then they were passionate advocates for one side or the other, right?

Here, Kavanaugh was not present as a judge, and not speaking as a judge. He was there as a man accused of a terrible thing. If he is innocent and Ford mistaken, then he is there as an innocent man defending himself from what seems very much like a partisan set-up.

It’s like a medical professional: when they are with patients, they have to maintain a certain demeanour, but do you really think they never go home and cry after giving parents a diagnosis of cancer on their child or something similar? And yet the next day they go back to work “as if nothing had happened.”


The FBI are trained investigators who can elicit different answers from the people interviewed than what you, I, or event the Senate Judiciary committee could elicit. It is well known that the type of question you ask and the way you frame it can elicit different responses and additional information. There have been enough people named in the unfolding of this scandal, and there are most certainly enough classmates of Ford and of Kavanaugh to be able to question or probe for further information pertinent to the allegations that have been made.

Let the process work itself out.

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