Trump orders review that could relax Dodd-Frank bank rules


From BBC News.



Here we go.

Anybody remember 2008-2009? Anyone get hurt that year?

I did. I lost my job. So did my wife. It was terrifying.


Shock and dismay!!


I really don’t think some people have a good understanding of what happened in 2008. Nor do I think people realize Dodd Frank did not cure what was wrong. And after eight years, the situation is every bit as perilous as it was before.


I actually do have a good understanding of what happened in 2008.

And Dodd-Frank wasn’t a cure-all, that’s true. It’s got plenty of holes, and some of the practices that led to the financial crisis are still permitted. But it’s better than nothing.

We have seen that an un- or under-regulated financial industry is a time bomb waiting to go off. Wall Street doesn’t have much in the way of a conscience.


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