Trump Organization Could Face Criminal Charges From Manhattan D.A



Likely this is going to be only one of a series of political prosecutions we’ll be seeing. Mueller’s people are undoubtedly using taxpayer money to generate all kinds of things they can farm out to others to charge Trump and his people with crimes.


Some call it “Political Prosecutions”
Some call plain ole “Justice”.
Some call it “Doing what the Law Requires”.

Only time will tell after the History Books have gone to the press.


I don’t know what the numbers are on white collar crime generally, but it really is unusual to see so many criminals in the justice system itself. If I recall correctly, the IG has already referred Strzok and McCabe to the DOJ, which usually means eventual prosecution. Page will probably rat Strzok out in exchange for immunity. Comey and Brennan have both lied to Congress, so we’ll see if they’re prosecuted.


That is a claim made by Trump. which is still unproven.



More likely, Trump is the one lying.


Wow. Now the unsubstantiated claims are recycled as though the lack of substantiated had gone unnoticed and unremarked in previous threads. it’s getting weird.


So they are fishing for a crime? They don’t have any reason to believe a crime has been committed. But they’ll just go looking for one? And the crime will be something ridiculous like exactly how hush money was accounted for? This isn’t like receiving millions of dollars from foreign governments while working for the State Department. That they don’t care about.


Nor about Chinese access to Hillary Clinton’s emails, either.


Do have an example of this that bears scrutiny?


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