Trump overhaul of Endangered Species Act could shrink protections for many animals


The Fish and Wildlife Service and NOAA Fisheries today unveiled what some bill as the most significant changes to Endangered Species Act regulations in several decades.

Consultations with other agencies would be streamlined. There would be a tighter definition of “foreseeable future,” crucial in ESA decisions. Critical habitats could shrink, and threatened species would no longer automatically receive the same protections as endangered species.

Taken together, the proposed rule changes would more closely align the two agencies that share responsibility for the ESA and address some common complaints aired by critics of the 1973 law.

First, though, the reform ideas will ignite a debate that’s likely to grow heated.

For me, this is the downside to voting for Trump. I will be watching where this goes. I am fine with applying pressure on the Trump administration on environmental issues. In fact, maybe if the left could let go of Russian collusion, Trump impeachment preparations and abolishing ICE for five minutes, they could actually get back to the common good.


Well he campaigned on cutting regulations so this should come as no surprise.

May the investigations continue until they’re finished and/or until Trump runs out of lawyers.


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