Trump planning to revive campaign-style rallies as he pursues legal challenges to election results

Will be interesting to see if he’s even allowed to hold these now that he’s likely a lame duck President. I realize of course he’s still President, but it seemed like local authorities were already giving him a problem over public health risk before the election. Also, it’s going to be snowing soon in places like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, is he going to be rallying with everybody standing outside for 4-5 hours?

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I had seen this referred to by someone else. I didn’t think it was true.

But I guess it is.

Maybe he should have pursued a career as a rockstar back in the day.

Then he could fill stadiums of fans singing along to his greatest hits.

His encore song could be, “the lock her up blues!”

Most concerts now are not permitted, BTW.


Don’t see why not. He’ll just have to abide by local health codes and jump through a few hoops. I’m sure somebody will host him.

I would gladly freeze to support my King :prince: :us:

Seriously though, assuming fraud isn’t found and the election overturned, some have suggested that he’s vying for Rush Limbaugh’s spot as the top conservative commentator. If he’s got the energy, this actually makes sense. He can chip away at Joe for 4 years and either run again or throw his weight behind Pence.

I can’t wait to see what happens next! :popcorn::cup_with_straw:

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I’m not a fan of Rush. But he’s no Rush Limbaugh.

This might be the best of both worlds, although unless Pence suddenly grows a personality or Joe keels over/ decides not to run again, I don’t think Pence could win in 2024. Trump is likely better as a showman than he was as President. Plus, he’ll always be President 45 to his base. While I do not wish Joe ill, I’m sure he and Kamala will provide plenty of material to chip away at.


Nobody can adequately replace Rush. Trump is similar to Papa Bear Bill O’Reilly. Huge ego and bad books.

I’d rather listen to Trump than Glen Beck though :roll_eyes:

Our nation is so incredibly divided.

Four years ago I was talking down my Democrat friends off of ledges (they were so sure they’d be barefooted in the kitchen).

Now I’m talking my republican friends down off ledges (and I’m in sympathy with them :rofl::rofl::rofl:)

But it gonna be a wild ride, in either case.

BTW, ‘Tis, your Hair Bear Bunch pic rocks…:slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks. I need a haircut big time at this point.


Joe won’t run again, and neither will Trump or Pence.

I don’t think it’s certain that Joe won’t run. Let’s see what happens.

As for Trump, who knows what he might do?

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I think Joe was too old this time. Trump? He’ll be too old too.

Of course, nothing in presidential politics would surprise me now.

Like Napoleon exiled on Elba, Trump will return when you least expect it.


Bernie was 79 and a contender in the primary, so Joe isn’t even the oldest guy going.

If people in Washington manage to stay in good health, they keep up the career into their 80s frequently.

Granted, I’m pretty sure the kingmakers didn’t push any younger people too hard this time because when you go up against a sitting President, you might lose, and they didn’t want to torpedo any young candidate’s chances, plus with Biden there’s the whole “Legacy of Obama” thing to help take out Trump. But unless Joe gets sick, he’s not going to want to leave the White House in four years any more than Trump wants to leave now.

Trump is probably using this as a way to generate some revenue for legal teams and debt reduction.

And for further self glorification…


Interesting take. I don’t know. His age would certainly be used against him, in my opinion.

For my vote, it would rest upon how the Republicans spend the next four years.

Trump’s a showman and he loves his rallies. He’ll probably be taking his show in the road until the day he dies.


I tend to agree. I think Joe’s time was in 2016. I understand that, after the death of his son, he just wasn’t up to it, but I wish he could have sucked it up and run anyway. I think he could have beat Trump and saved our country a whole lot of grief. (In fact, I think anyone could have beaten Trump except for Mrs. Clinton.)


I STRONGLY doubt that Joe stayed out of the race due to the death of his son. That was a convenient excuse. There was some horse trading going on so Hillary could run and presumably be first woman President. I agree Biden should have been the one to run and that he likely would have beat Trump.


You do realize that life wasn’t sunshiney daisies for everybody under the Obama administration…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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