Trump polling higher than Obama or Reagan at same time in presidency

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Here is a thread about Obama’s polls from June 2010. Perhaps we can compare Obama hatred to Trump hatred.

The differences re what you call hatred of either Trump or Obama,is this: those who " hate" Trump I believe is a visceral dislike of him personally .Those that were opposed to Obama,hated his ruinous policies and idology,not the man .


I think the problem is that it can be difficult to separate the two. Oftentimes morally problematic policies come from morally deficient character. Both Obama and Trump can be criticized for having morally deficient characters.

I don’t dislike him personally. I think he’s not much of a leader.

He could still be a reality show host, and I would wish him well. I never watched “the apprentice”.

He could still sell ties and cuff links and shirts at Macy’s. My husband might have a trump tie or 2.

The trump university fiasco was basically a pyramid scheme. I view that negatively. A billionaire doesn’t need to run a pyramid scheme in my opinion.

I also view negatively the allegations of abuse of women, th Billy Bush tape, and the cameos in three porn films.

The quasi daily twitter rants are terrible.

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“According to the latest FOX NEWS poll”

Hahahahahhahahahaha. Please.

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Sounds to me you dislike him personally and that’s understandable in many ways.I can’t say I much care for his personality either.However,he is getting things done and there is a method to his madness,so to speak. At the end of the day that’s what matters. Those who voted for him were able to get past hisoff putting ways and rather focus on his abilities.Conversly,those who are so caught up on his personality traits cannot seem to take a breath and see all the positives coming from his presidency.

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More like a nudge over 40. And even that is difficult to believe.

Wait a minute—was this the same people who were counting crowd size at his Inaugural?

I say we scrap these polls and go solely with the Nielsen ratings.

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