Trump pulling America out of TPP


The president’s first executive order this week will be to withdraw the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, per CNN and NBC sources.


He has zero idea what he’s doing.


He said during the campaign that TPP was a bad trade pack (it hurts American workers) and needed to be renegotiated, looks like he is planning on following up on that.


I have mixed feelings about this. It’s true that the migration of manufacturing has hurt the rust belt, but this will cause prices to spike and that will hurt a lot of people.


What good is cheap stuff if no one has a job? America got rich and powerful by protecting and nurturing its industry.


Trump is meeting with some top business and labor leaders today. He said he wants regular meetings going forward.

New video on the meeting


Do any of you know the provisions of the TPP (i.e., the fine print) to know whether it would be helpful or harmful to our country and its interests and to our national and international business relationships?

I certainly do not know. And even if I wanted to know, there would have been no way for me to know. Why? Because it was negotiated in secret. And even if I were a Senator or a US House of Representatives member, I would have only been permitted to read the document, but I would not have been permitted to take notes or photos (with my phone or notebook). And after reading the document, I would have been sworn to secrecy about it.

Is this how we discuss, debate, negotiate and pass legislation in our country? In secret with no one having any knowledge or ability to object to its provisions? Is this America? Repeal it! Start over again from scratch.


And like the ACA, many in Congress were prepared to vote for it without knowing what was in it. Early on, as I recall, Hillary described it as the “Gold Standard” and then spoke against it in her campaign.


TPP is a lot like NAFTA for Asia. The issues are the same: big business does well and workers in the different countries are put into a position of competing with each other. The lower cost worker wins.

details here


We are also exchanging goods which lose value for money which keeps or increases its value.


Maybe you should apply for an advisory position in Presdint Trump’s cabinet


Exactly!Americans will adjust as jobs flourish and the economy is no longer supressed.


CEOs of major manufacturers comment after Trump meeting


Goods were REALLY cheap during the Depression, but it didn’t do a lot of good for a lot of people. If you had a job and your wage didn’t plummet, you were much better off in the Depression than before or after it. If you didn’t have a job or your wage decreased more than goods did, you weren’t.

I am sure I don’t know as much about TPP as I should. But as a general principle, I am more inclined toward bilateral agreements than multilateral agreements.


Prices may go up on some manufactured goods. Depends if taxes on manufacturing goes down or reduction of red tape will provide some reduction in manufacturing costs.

Trump will not be a ‘success’ in the eyes of the American people if the middle and lower classes don’t see an improvement in their standard of living.


The US is able to live way beyond its means because we control the world’s currency. We are able to print loads of worthless paper and get other economies to exchange it for real goods. In a way it is a great system in that we live a nice life in exchange for doing next to nothing. The problem (ignoring the moral question) is this can’t go on forever.

Modern government is secret government. Any pretense of public oversight is long gone.



Than why don’t you read it and tell the class what it is all about? I would save the conspiracy theories for some other time.


Yup. It’s easy to speculate, especially when you’re financially comfortable. My family can’t afford to lose any purchasing power. I hope this helps us and other struggling families, but there are many factors to consider. All I know is that I did a lot of research on tariffs while getting my econ degree and they can have nasty effects once everyone across the globe starts implementing them to retaliate. It’s important to seriously consider each proposed policy instead of just cheerleading for one politician or another.

We’ve already been negatively impacted. My husband and I need to move away from this area due to its high cost of living. With the hiring freeze, that will not be possible.


The TPP was effectively dumped when it could not get the support in Congress to even go for a vote. President Trump just made it official. :shrug:


Very good news for american workers, these treaties are only good for multinationals and none more.

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