Trump Quickly Identifies As Woman So Kamala Harris Can't Claim To Be The First Female President

Me thinks we are all in need of a bit of humor


Donna Trumps claims of it being rigged are suddenly more credible.


Another one I found funny, at least a couple of them :wink:

10 Interesting Facts About The American Healthcare System

  • According to our research, the American healthcare system was founded by Bob Healthcare in 1776.
  • Initially, the American healthcare system consisted of just a guy telling you to “stop being such a sissy” whenever you complained about pain.
  • For a while, they used leeches in healthcare, but that practice ended after all the leeches moved to D.C.
  • In a fight between healthcare and Aquaman, Aquaman would become bankrupt and have his giant seahorses repossessed.
  • Most hospitals now allow you to pay with cash or credit, but some new and innovative hospitals allow you to pay with your firstborn.
  • Flintstones Tablets can cure anything, but the government just doesn’t want you to know.
  • Most doctors require an x-ray machine to see your skeleton but the really experienced doctors can do it with only their eyes.
  • Doctors have to eat two dozen popsicles a day to get all their tongue depressors.
  • 3 weeks after you receive care at a hospital, the billing office will just send you five random bills from their giant stack of bills.
  • The first known healthcare plan in history originated in the early church when all the Christians in Jerusalem pitched in to help Paul take care of that nasty thorn in his flesh.
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Aquaman rules most of the planet, not a good idea to annoy him…

There are tonnes of sunken cities owing allegiance to Atlantis in DC’s comic universe. I can remember one story where the US govt. starting getting antsy with Aquaman and Atlantis and the character turned up on the US coast with a giant fleet of submarine ships and pointed out a good 70 percent of the world is water and there are hundreds of city states down there under his command with advanced tech and more or less told the US ‘Bring it on when you’re ready’.’

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