Trump Ready to Approve Blocked Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain


The administration of US President Donald Trump is poised to approve major weapons transfers to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, which were previously blocked over concerns about human rights, according to a report.

A package of precision-guided missile technology for Saudi Arabia, valued around $300 million, and a $4 billion deal to provide F-16 fighter jets to Bahrain are now ready for clearance from the White House, a US official involved in the transfers told The Washington Times.

During his final months in office, former president Barack Obama had blocked the transfer of precision munitions to Riyadh because of the outcry over large-scale civilian casualties resulting from Saudi airstrikes in Yemen.



Well, I guess this means Saudi Arabia won’t be added to Trump’s travel ban and that Saudi nationals (like the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11) are still free to come and go as they please. HYPOCRITICAL. AND SAD. :eek:


The defense contractors are going to love this.


This move is to help protect the oil fields from Iran.



What’s hypocritical and sad is the left talking out of both sides of its own mouth.

They say the TEMPORARY moratorium (it’s not a ban) is so bad, racist, islamphobic ect. but now want Saudi Arabia added to the list.

And why weren’t they complaining about this when B. Obama was in office?


Even ultra liberal, “send us your refugees” Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau, approved a $15billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia

He also approved the construction of multiple pipelines

It’s called keeping your economy afloat.

Perhaps this is why all those celebrities threatening to leave the US if Trump won haven’t made their way to Canada.


This is an absolute outrage! Saudi Arabia is massacring civilians in Yemen, and where is the outcry in the United States?

And don’t make this about politics. Every US presidential administration, regardless of party, for a long, long time has been kissing up to the totalitarian Saudi monarchy.

This is a pro-life issue. Catholics need to be as vocal in opposition to these wars of murder perpetrated by the United States and its crony allies as we are against abortion.


Exactly. It’s not just every US presidential administration but also successive governments throughout the West. Also add that the Saudi regime funds textbooks meant to radicalize children in the West not just in the Middle East. Al Qaeda and the Islamic State militants all got their ideas from the regime’s evil literature.


This is the truth. Especially your last statement with regards to pro-life. We can’t be pro-life and sell arms to regimes that clearly are involved in conflict that get us into wars that are not about just defending innocent life. Mr. Trump hopefully is privy to information we are not


I hope they don’t. I have no idea why they would arm those nations especially Trumps administration. Anyway, I don’t know how accurate that information/news article is, but on the face of it, this is something I would expect of Obama’s administration, not Trumps.

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It is hard to pick a favorite in the war between Saudi Arabia and the Yemeni Houthi rebels. However, you seem to be portraying the Houthis as some kind of innocent civilian victims of foreign aggression.

The group’s flag reads as following: “God Is Great, Death to America, Death to Israel, Curse on the Jews, Victory to Islam”


I agree, which is why I wouldn’t want them to be selling lots of arms to Saudi Arabia, Because I think they could then fall into the hands of other groups. Once they are handed over, they can’t be taken back and once the US sells them to Saudi Arabia, it’s then Saudi Arabia’s decision where they go next and what they are used for, and I do not trust Saudi Arabia’s discretion.

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Id venture to say there has not been a war in modern times that was truly fought to defend and protect human life (WW2 is the only exception I can think of though).

It all boils down to the military defense industry, we must have constant war and strife for the money to keep rolling in, if you take away the ‘threat’, no longer a need for equipment, weapons, etc.

This is accurate for the middle eastern wars and even the war on drugs…in short, to justify spending, there must a consistent problem/threat.


Great power foreign affairs are actually very simple. You reward your friends and you punish your enemies. Obama did the opposite which is why the world is in such turmoil. Trump is taking steps to reverse course. One doesn’t need to particularly like the government of Saudi Arabia to recognize that they are friends in a region in which we have few. One also doesn’t need to be particularly savvy to recognize that any likely government which replaces the House of Saud is going to be worse for us and the rest of the region, and, more repressive towards the Saudi people.


Blocking the arms sales did nothing to defend human rights. Saudi Arabia’s behavior was unaffected and Bahrain started negotiating for arms deals with Russia while continuing to attack its people anyway. The only loser was the US. If anything, ending the ban might help. It is easier to pressure governments to defend human rights when you have influence over them, and you lose influence over them when you cut them off and push them into the arms of Russia.


WWII was not fought to defend human life either. It was to stop Germany and Japan from becoming hegemons. The nations of the world were perfectly happy to ignore the threat until they were attacked and it became clear that Germany and Japan were serious threats. Then the ideological narrative of defending human life became a useful way to mobilize support for what was really a war of geopolitical considerations.


So, theoretically, the next time a Saudi national commits terrorism on U.S. soil, that terrorist will be killing people with guns that Trump allowed them to have.


Since this arms sale is F-16s and not M-16s, probably not.


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