Trump Russia: House intelligence committee agrees inquiry


“This House intelligence committee, which has been investigating Russia for many years, says it will expand its inquiries to include Russian activities during the election and “leave no stone unturned”.
The FBI and the Senate intelligence committee are already investigating Russian interference during the election.
It has already been established by the CIA and others that Mr Putin’s government did make a concerted effort to help elect Donald Trump and to discredit his opponent Hillary Clinton.
But a key question remains - how much did the Trump campaign know about this?
President Trump and his team have repeatedly denied any knowledge of his campaign having contact with Russian officials in the run up to the election.”

Republicans have agreed to do this.


How exactly did the Russians help Trump? Unless I’m mistaken, I don’t think it’s clear the Russians tried to help elect a Donald Trump. There is no evidence any voting machines were hacked. Didn’t the Russians (or what appeared to be?) try to hack the RNC, but the RNC had better safeguards than the DNC so wasn’t able to get hacked. The fact that it appears that both the DNC and RNC were tried to be hacked makes it seem like whoever was doing the hacking was trying to get info on both that could possibly be used against Democrats and Republicans.

There can be an ethical debate about Wikileaks and the information they release, but in regards to Wikileaks, I think someone pointed this out on Fox News or online perhaps, 1. that the Russians or whoever it was that hacked the DNC, didn’t force John Podesta etc. to say the things they were shown in those emails or for it to show that Hillary Clinton had been given information regarding questions before a CNN debate. And I don’t think there is any evidence that the if information in the DNC emails have been faked. 2. In addition, why would the Russians want Trump to win over Clinton? There are claimed links between the Clinton Foundation and approval to buy a uranium company from a Russian bank which has connections to the Kremlin itself. Did former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton know nothing about this? Is it a coincidence that former president and her husband Bill Clinton gave a speech for $500,000 to this Russian bank after this bank had announced its interest in buying a majority stake in American mines mining uranium? See NPR for this info I found:

Just asking questions.


For the record, I agree. The investigations will look to any collusion bw the Trump camp and Russia, e.g. coordination, etc.

I mean… Flynn was doing shady stuff.


The investigation will answer all your questions :slight_smile:

As I’ve stated before, I hope they find nothing. But it’s not going to go away until a thorough investigation is conducted and its findings presented.

And it needs to go away one way or another.


The voting machines aren’t on-line and cannot be hacked.


–They had negative information on both candidates and parties, but only leaked the info on Clinton and the Dems.

–They possibly planted fake news stories on Clinton.

If he’d release his taxes, and if a non-partisan investigation would be allowed into his Russia ties, we’d all see why.



In other words, democrats are still grieving and can’t believe they lost. I mean, who would have thought Hillary is beaten by trump?


It’s a committee led by a Republican tho?


I have one reaction and one reaction only to anything said about republicans and Russia.


I guess the left weren’t so concerned when Barack and Hillary were selling Uranium to Russia. Or when Barack was promising to “do more after the election” to the Russian President live on tv.

Just stop it.


It’s a committee led by a Republican.


Joshman1 said: It’s a committee run by a Republican.

A lot of Republicans are not happy that Trump won, either, so that is not really a point in the investigation’s favor.


Look at the people who are behind the whole Russia Is Evil movement. Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Maxine Waters, Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi,Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, George Soros, and a whole long list of left wing politicians. Enemies like that should tell us that Russia is doing something right ! I agree with that tweet campaign from some weeks ago Russia Is Not My Enemy.


I am not sure what point you are trying to make.
It is fine to pursue reasonable foreign policy objectives with other nations. We can have a debate on what, for each given nation, is reasonable and what is not.

But it is mistaken, or misleading, to frame the investigation as connected as related to foreign policy initiatives. The IC has developed and is continuing to develop intelligence regarding the efforts of a foreign power to undermine the integrity of our electoral process and to influence the outcome of our election. We need to find out exactly what went down and do everything that we can to put a stop to it. This is not a partisan issue.




What about Chaffetz?


Unless I’m mistaken, the House intelligence committee has a republican majority.


Where is the evidence that there was negative info on Donald Trump and that it wasn’t released? Where is the negative info from? If there was negative info found on Trump how is it know for a fact that it wasn’t released, not because they wanted to not hurt Donald Trump, but wasn’t released for some other reason, perhaps because the info wasn’t accurate and factual info?

And as for stories in the news being faked, look at the word you used ‘possibly.’ But whether or not Hillary Clinton has been a victim of fake news or not by the Russians, hasn’t Donald Trump been both pre-election and Post-election, had inaccurate stories written about him that might be called ‘fake news’? If the Russians could in your word ‘possibly’ have put out fake news out there about Hillary Clinton, are they also to blame for putting inaccurate stories or ‘fake news’ out about Donald Trump?


Hillary’s husband could have a half hour secret meeting with AG during an active FBI investigation and get away with it, but its trump who is trouble because of Russia, for some unknown reason that nobody could pinpoint.

My gosh, when will American people get so tired of this trash and turn off their TV forever?


Evidence for these charges? Not speculation like you did but evidence!

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