Trump-Russia probe expands further as Robert Mueller retains more prosecutors


Trump-Russia probe expands further as Robert Mueller retains more prosecutors
The Independent
Andrew Buncombe
,The Independent•July 5, 2018

Special prosecutor Robert Mueller is said to be retaining additional personnel as his investigation into possible collusion by the Trump campaign with Russian interference in the 2016 election expands.

More than a year after Mr Mueller launched the probe – following Donald Trump’s firing of his FBI director James Comey – the president and his top aides are becoming increasingly frustrated by the continuing enquiries, which he has labelled a “witch hunt”. In May, Vice President Mike Pence said it was in the interests of the country to wrap up the matter and Mr Trump noted the one year anniversary on Twitter, saying: “Congratulations America, we are now into the second year of the greatest Witch Hunt in American History…and there is still No Collusion and No Obstruction.”

But a report suggests that even as Mr Trump and Republicans continue to attack and undermine Mr Mueller and his team, the 73-year-old special prosecutor is making use of more FBI and Department of Justice resources as the investigation continues to expand.

Bloomberg News says Mr Mueller, himself a former FBI director, is making more use of career prosecutors from the offices of US attorneys and from Justice Department headquarters. He has also been turning to more FBI agents, in what the news agency said was a possible indication he may be preparing to hand off part of the probe.

The news agency says investigators in New York, Alexandria, Virginia, Pittsburgh and elsewhere have been asked to supplement the work of Mr Mueller’s team of 17 federal prosecutors.

They have done so as the team is dealing with a higher number of court challenges than had been anticipated.

One strand of the inquiry, a probe into Mr Trump’s longtime personal lawyer, has been handed over to prosecutors in the US Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of New York.

On Thursday, the White House did not immediately respond to enquiries. Peter Carr, a spokesman for Mr Mueller’s office declined to comment on the report.

Bradley Moss, a Washington-based national security lawyer, told The Independent Mr Mueller’s actions could indicate he is aware some elements of the investigation could continue beyond that aspect for which he is specifically mandated.

“His personal mandate could be coming to an end in six to twelve months. But the investigation into those Russian entities could continue for years,” he says.

Mr Mueller has so far brought a number of indictments, charging four former Trump campaign associates – Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, Richard Gates and George Papadopoulos – with offences ranging from lying to the FBI to money laundering.

Alex van der Zwaan, an attorney, pleaded guilty to lying to FBI investigators during the investigation, and was sentenced to 30 days in prison in April 2018. He was the first to be sentenced in the probe. Richard Pinedo, a California man who sold bank accounts to Russians accused of interfering in the election, in February pleaded guilty to using stolen identities to set up the accounts.


Is anybody chasing the bank robbers and drug smugglers anymore, or is the entire federal system engaged in trying to remove Trump from office?

So in February they convicted a guy using stolen identities to set up accounts for Russians. Are they not aware of the hundreds and hundreds of people selling fake ID to illegal immigrants? Maybe they just don’t care about those people.


no … and … yes


Given the seriousness of the accusations, it makes sense to have a strong team investigating the accusations.


Of course. This is a small cohort of LEO.
I am more worried about ICE’s clear focus on administrative cases rather than the bad hombres


you are joking right? it has already been
2 years. he should have hired the number he needed from the beginning.
Mueller is probably following orders from somebody.


What a bunch of snowflakes.


It’s a complicated investigation, so I am not surprised it’s hard to sort through everything. Look at how long some mafia cases took. Plus the added pressure that he better darn well get it right since the investigation is at the highest levels of our government. Two years is nothing.


time is running out. i think it means he hasn’t found anything yet!


No reason to think time is running out…these investigations are complicated. And he has already found things, after all, look at the convictions and indictments.


can you list all the convictions and indictments?


I could, but you could look it up. So, why don’t you do that instead?


The investigation of Bill Clinton went on for 5 years, and for things a lot more trivial than Trump has been accused of. In fact, before he was elected, Trump had already committed everything that Clinton was accused of: shady business deals, infidelity and sexual harassment of women. Colluding with Russia to throw the election is far more serious than any of that. And we still haven’t seen those tax returns!


you seem to be very knowledgeable on the subject, so i thought you would provide the information since you brought it up.


Yes, but I figure you can look it up. It might expose you to some different news sources and that would be a valuable experience.


Unless you Don’t really know offhand about the convictions and indictments and were just talking off the top of your head…


Nah, it’s just that it’s really easy to find. Try google.


What are the accusations? What are the charges?
That Russia ( and probably other governments) tried to influence the 2016? We know that already.


I don’t know about following orders, but considering that virtually all his others are Democrats, these may be people who were ticketed for a Clinton administration.
We should be compassionate of their need for employment. :grin:


The Russians have been attempting to influence American elections since 1917.

Read “None Dare Call It Treason” by John A. Stormer.

Also read books by Paul Kengor … It’s all documented.

None of this is new.

And every time it has been brought up, the leftists have denied it, even in the face of ample evidence.

And W. Cleon Skousen

And M. Stanton Evans

And Richard Pipes

And Whittaker Chambers

And Ronald Rychlak

And many many others

In fact the evidence is so clear that if Mueller doesn’t have anything then he is incompetent … OR … there isn’t any.

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