Trump’s March for Life Message


Good to see him stand strong against abortion.


I’m sorry, but he says what he believes people want to hear. He has a real talent for selling himself and craves adulation. The first sentence says it all, “Mr Trump, who previously supported abortion access…”. Put current politics aside (I’m not even asking you to change or examine your views), but any person taking a honest view will see this through out his entire ~40 year public life. We are talking about a man, for whom it was an open secret, would pretend to be his own publicist on the phone. Ask anyone who was even slightly heartened by him holding and LGBT flag during the last election cycle. Just because he’s dancing for your cause does not mean he cares.


The first sentence is a deliberate political jab from a hard-left source. It really does not matter how flakey or despicable his prior actions were if his current actions are meaningfully advancing the cause of life.

Even in 1991, he publicly stated that he hated abortion, if if he supported legal access:

“I hate the concept of abortion, I hate it, I hate everything it stands for. I cringe when I listen to people debating the subject. But I still just believe in choice.”


BBC hard left? What times we live in.


I don’t care what his views were 25 years ago. I care what they are now. For any genuine Roman Catholic, abortion has to be by far the single greatest injustice, bar none.


Amen to that!

So disappointed when I hear about supposed Catholics (the likes of Collins, Murkowski, Pelosi, Trudeau, Ocasio-Cortez) who are pro-choice and support the funding of Planned Parenthood to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. I tend to hear the argument from left leaning Catholics that pro-lifers suffer from fetus tunnel vision where all they care about is saving a life but could care less after the baby is born (which is of course untrue). And as important as social justice/welfare issues are, since when is the sanctity of human life on equal footing (or secondary) to it?


And the word that is rarely mentioned? Chastity. As in refraining from sexual intercourse until one is ready to have a child. Barring rape, this is the only real “choice” a woman has: to have sexual intercourse, or not.


Good luck trying to explain what that means (even to some Catholic youth) in a world where Christian values are constantly undermined and under attack (and immorality is normalized). All we can do is stay strong in faith (1 Cor 16:13) and continue witnessing (Act 1:8).

I remember when I first came across the Theology of the Body. Pure gold - just made so much sense and had a ring of truth. I know its used quite heavily in Catholic marriage prep courses, but should be required reading for all Christian youth in my opinion.


Yes, it’s a great blessing for our country and a wonderful example for the rest of the world. I think President Trump understands the tremendous responsibility he has before God in this issue. VP Pence and his wife were at the March for Life rally and gave very encouraging speeches for Life too.


BBC hates everything he does, and also the fact that he supports Brexit and populism


Many of us were once pro-choice because we didn’t know better.

Many Protestants supported abortion–I grew up in a Conference Baptist Church, and when Roe v. Wade made it possible for more women to get an abortion, we talked about it in our Sunday School Class. I was a young teen, and our SS teacher was the PASTOR’S WIFE! She said that there were times when abortion was the only choice for a woman, and the new law made it possible.

But then Evangelical Protestants like Keith Green (R.I.P.) and Dr. James Dobson started speaking out the truth–often attracting much criticism from pastors and teachers (Keith Green was a musician, and Dr. James Dobson is a clincial pscyhologist with a practice at USC).

Eventually Evangelical Protestants listened to these prophets and learned the truth about abortion, both the medical truth and the spiritual truth, and now, most Evangelical Protestant denominations teach that abortion is evil. Sadly, the Mainline Protestant denominations decided to go with the “safe, legal, and rare” fallacy," and at this time, most of these mainlines support abortion rights and many even have clauses in the official denominational Statements of Faith that make it clear that their churches are in favor of abortion rights.

My point is, many of us were just like Pres. Trump–we supported abortion rights because we were ignorant. Something or someone caused us to change our mind, thank God.

Pres. Trump has backed up his words with actions, just as many of us have (my husband and I were a shepherding home for several years when we were younger).

Regardless of what you think of Pres. Trump’s other policies, this is one policy that you need to SUPPORT HIM on.


Now that you mention it, Pence spoke on EWTN last night and he was great, too.


Great job, President Trump ! ! !

While many church “leaders” are busy advocating for lawlessness at the border or when to invite James Martin to speak, our President is standing on the side of life!


Great job, Church Leaders, for embracing the entire gospel message instead of standing on one aspect of it for political expediency!


Not sure what Gospel they read, because last I checked it didn’t include anarchy and homosexual relations.


I think you are confusing support for something vs open discussion. More importantly that support of something does not imply that questioning it is direct opposition. There are legitimate reasons to question the choices he makes or the things he says. This is true of any person, but especially someone like a Head of State of a very powerful nation. I’d make no claim that any of his predecessors were immune to questionable choices; but to my read he has little regard for the gravity of the things he says and does.

I feel those in office need to move on more quickly and I do support term limits on any Congress or Senate member. It’s especially appalling to me that there are people in Congress who have been there something like 30 years, this body was to roll over more often so as to reflect the will of the people better. The truth is we are mainly ruled by people in their 70s and 80s; and to a much more concerning degree, white men. These people do not reflect the make up of our people in any fashion.

His brash attitude may feel refreshing to you, but there reasons there are norms of diplomacy and behavior that have evolved over the years. There is a life long unelected political class that influences things in politics, but we need that class. Many are honest experts in their fields and who have varying opinions and influence. But without them we are asking a handful of people to enact laws that they have no expertise in or are literally 10’s of thousands of pages. Throwing bombs with unassailable black and white beliefs as this threatens the deliberately slow and compromising system laid out in our Constitution that most Americans hold dear (a relative rarity in the world). The minute we have and support politicians who brazenly erode our faith in our institutions, the more lasting damage we do to the social contract we all live with.


America is a nation which became great because of the citizens’ loyalty to God. Institutions are of value only if they serve the greater good .
Former President Obama was known as the abortion president, but Trump is supporting life of the unborn . plus many other achievements.


The first sentence says it all, “Mr Trump, who previously supported abortion access…”.

What about those who regret their abortion? Are they fair game too even though they changed their mind? Gimme a break, just say you hate the man and get it over with.


It’s funny how all those celebs that rubbed elbows with the man all those years suddenly feel the way you do now that he’s President and they can’t run around with scissors in their hands.

I stand by my last post….what about those who regret their abortions, are they fair game to you too? Good day!


I think the world’s view of the March for Life will be this :

The boys that did this made me ashamed to call myself a Catholic. If these “boys” are not Excommunicated, I may have to go have a talk with the Lutherans

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