Trump’s March for Life Message


My question is when. When are we going to be consistent in our stance. It would appear that we’ll never get to a point where we’ll actually do something about the death penalty, which we both know is immoral.


So…because Trump’s motives are purely political, we were supposed to vote for Secy of State Hillary Clinton, who is totally honest and straight-forward about being pro-abortion?

Politically-motivated or not–“righteousness” is finally getting a break. It won’t last long, though, because apparently people would rather have a straight-talking pro-choice President with no ulterior motives and who doesn’t even pretend to be interested in protecting the unborn and helping pregnant women to make wise and healthy choices.

So far, since R v W was made law of the land, we have not had a pro-life Pres. who actually practices what he says he believes. Pres. Carter certainly wasn’t pro-life. The Bush presidents said they were pro-life, but did virtually nothing, and Mrs. Bush (younger Bush) is pro-choice and says so. Pres. Clinton and Wife were totally pro-choice (safe, legal and rare–ha ha ha ha). Pres. Obama voted against protection for infants who are born alive–he was totally pro-abortion. And had Secy Clinton won–the thought is too horrible.

Oh, well, honest evil is apparently more palatable than sneaky righteousness.


:rofl: Yes, I would rather have that than “wolves in sheep’s clothing.” :rofl:


I would also fight against the death penalty. I have been on marches about that too. But right now we have an opportunity. A lot of people are energized about abortion. We have somebody in the highest office who has our ear. Let’s push now for what we can get now and push another day for what we can have then.

Remember, sometimes one success can spawn another. That’s what pro-life is all about.

It is the people who want to stop us and don’t want us to have any success at all who are trying to divide us by saying "what about the death penalty?. Let us not fall into their trap.


I’m confused–you would rather have someone like Secy of State Clinton–“honest evil” than someone like Pres. Donald Trump, who you consider a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”?

I don’t think it’s likely that Pres. Trump will suddenly turn on pro-lifers and eliminate all his pro-life policies and support for ending abortion. He would lose all of our votes and support, and he would NOT gain any pro-choice votes–they would despise him even more as a turncoat.

No one would trust him, and he would NOT win re-election because one of the reasons people are planning to vote for him is because there is a good chance he will be able to appoint one more Supreme Court justice, and we are hoping for another Constitutionalist. But if he is a wiffle-waffler (harsher term would be "liar), then we cannot trust him to appoint a qualified justice who will interpret the laws according to the Constitution.

So many people say that Pres. Trump is the worse President ever. I would nominate Richard Nixon, the liar, for that title. He was quite evil and came very close to tearing the country apart.


I would never trust any wolf in sheep’s clothing… Who would trust someone like Judas, a pretender with a different motive.

He has done that. Hello! Where have you been for the last 2 years? All of the branches of the US government were conservative majority and guess what, abortion is still legal, planned parenthood is still in business and being funded by both the government and private citizens.

Anyone who thinks Trump tells the truth is (I can’t say the word, Lord have mercy.)

You think Trump is not the worst president and not tearing the country apart? :rage: Lord have mercy!


Who do you trust to be the President? Any Democrat?

Also, yes, I do NOT think that Pres. Trump is the worse President ever. The many “help-wanted” signs in the factories in our city attest to his economic savvy.

I think the worse President was Richard Nixon. Were you at an age to be able to appreciate the evil that he practiced not only in his Presidency, but throughout his life?

Also, I think that Woodrow Wilson could possibly be counted among our worse Presidents. Policies that he supported were one of the reasons that people like Hitler and Mussolini were able to establish themselves and their regimes in their countries, and the instability that he helped established was one of the main reasons for WWII.

I would also nominate Andrew Jackson because of his racism.

And even though he’s a part of our Illinois history, and part of the landscape of St. Louis today, I would nominate Ullysses Grant, because of the disaster of reconstruction. I think he missed opportunities that could have helped ex-slaves to establish themselves in the U.S. and have full civil rights.

There are other Presidents who were not necessarily evil like Nixon, but ineffectual. e.g, Calvin Coolidge and Jimmy Carter. Carter especially had a deep faith in God, but he just didn’t know how to take the reigns of leadership, and under his Administration, the country struggled through supposed gas shortages and the hostage crisis. (He is a fantastic Former President!)

I realize that people with much more knowledge of history than I could probably refute my nominations and propose their own “Worse Presidents in U.S. History.”

But I don’t think Pres. Trump qualifies. Keep in mind, too, that he still has two years to go–a lot can happen for the good…or the bad…in two years. Pres. Bush (younger) was kind of strolling along, and lots of people thought he was a dummy and a terrible President. Then came 9/11, and in the next year, his approval rating was up to 96%–he turned out to be the right person for the job of comforting the country and making decisions about the proper response. (I personally believe that the Middle East wars are a mistake and we need to get out of there, but what do I know?!)

God forbid another tragedy along the lines of 9/11 or Hurricane Katrina, or a hostage crisis, or a stock market crash! But as I said, give Pres. Trump his two more years, and then we can all make up our mind about his legacy.


I wish I have your leniency towards Trump. For me, he has lost his credibility with his affairs with women, his many racist remarks, his refusal to rebuke the white supremacists, nazis at Charlottesville, his stance on immigration, his climate change denials, his narcissistic and unpresidential behavior, his addiction to twitter, his divisive rhetoric. I mean nothing about this man’s behavior is considered decent personification of being a Christian. Which is why he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The worst of its kind. May I ask, aside from his “prolife stance,” what qualities do you see in him that is worthy of giving him even a small consideration?


You consider “Addiction to twitter” not part of a "decent personification of being a Christian?

Wow, I’m going to the Place Down Below, only it’s not Twitter, it’s soda and sugar!

Seriously, perhaps that’s one reason why I’m not inclined to hold the things you mentioned against Donald Trump–because those who report them are capable of using hyperbole and other yellow-journalism techniques to make him appear a monster.

His affairs with women happened years ago, long before he ever dreamed of entering politics and becoming the POTUS.

What sins did you commit before you decided to get serious about walking with God?

If we cannot call ourselves “Christians” because of past sins, then we are all surely doomed.

I don’t know anything about the white supremacists issue, or the Nazis, other than to say that sometimes, it’s better to simply ignore these bully types. They thrive on attention, and a Presidential rebuke would crown them as “martyrs” in their eyes.

Climate change denials–there are plenty of legitimate scientists and well-educated citizens who question the climate change issue, and there are many of us who do not believe in committing the United States to billions (or even trillions) of dollars to stop it when other nations (like China) are being given decades to get on board. This doesn’t make sense. Try reading the journal articles that more conservative scientists write.

Narcissistic and un-Presidential behavior? So there is a “book” with this “Presidential Code of Conduct?” No, of course not. It’s all in the eye of the beholder. I remember when President Obama appeared on Sat. Night Live–many people thought THAT was un-presidential. And back when Pres. Nixon appeared on Laugh In–it was a scandal! (His whole life was a scandal, IMO.) And when Pres. Clinton stopped by the McDonald’s during his job and added still more calories to his puffy physique–people thought that was disgraceful.

Who makes the decision over what’s “Presidential?”" There was a time when we had no idea what the President did in his everyday life–now we can follow every moment. It’s all laid bare by the media.

And his “rhetoric” is only divisive if you disagree with him! Every President is “divisive” when he makes a decision that someone opposes.

As for what qualities I see in him–

  1. knowledge of business and work
  2. willingness to forgive and get back to work
  3. willingness to share his heart with all of us,
  4. honesty–no double talk or patronizing
  5. struggles with the “sins of the flesh”–so many of us can identify
  6. willingness to work his butt off in this “job”
  7. hard skin–can take a licking.
  8. flexibility–willing to try something else when one idea doesn’t work
  9. courage–he could have been murdered in North Korea!
  10. willingness to champion practice of religion in public and private life
  11. raised good kids who work hard.
  12. a good and godly wife


The President is a liar… that is the only issue worth mentioning for me. His lies are many and well documented. He can’t be trusted.


Apparently, some people don’t see that. And that is even more disturbing… :frowning:


Tell me what he has lied about. Thank you.


:scream: :scream: :scream: It’s more disturbing to see those people who follow Trump blindly than Trump himself.


I don’t mind that you disagree with me. But calling me “blind” without offering facts is bullying, as far as I’m concerned. I offered a defense of my support of Pres. Trump, and you call me blind. And since I’m definitely not blind to what politicians are capable of, it leads me to believe that YOU are the one who is making it up as you go along.


Really? I don’t know if you are being obstinate or if you are ignorant, but I don’t know how anyone could deny how dishonest this President is.

Here is long, far from comprehensive, list for your perusal


I am sorry if you got offended. I didn’t mean to bully you. That wasn’t my intent. Don’t you see that on Donald Trump though, bullying and demeaning people? You see, it’s disturbing and quite cringy reading your defense… I, I, I, I, I am almost speechless.

He called Mexicans, “drug dealers, criminals, rapists.” He said, he can just grab women by their private parts. He said there are good people in the white supremacy, kkk, nazi and for you to say to just ignore these people is just mind boggling! These are the most vile, evil, anti America ever and they need to be rebuked and condemned especially when they resort into violence. He called Haiti, El Salvador and unspecified African nations as s**thole countries, and this is okay for your president to be saying or twitting and you don’t call him out because you think this is humane and decent for any person to say much less a president? Doesn’t any of these disturb you one bit? How about using the word Pocahontas derogatively? Or how about when he starts pretending to care about Christianity making speeches during Christmas season to keep Christ in Christmas when no visible Nativity scene is found in the White House and then he separates the Christian migrant children from their families? Doesn’t he see Jesus in them? Don’t you believe that he said and did some of these? Am I just making up as I go along? This is why I have a reason to believe that following Trump is just like a Cult. Please don’t get offended, it’s just beyond imaginable for me that someone could still find him decent and worthy of being adored.


[quote=“phujosh, post:209, topic:531297”]

  • knowledge of business and work- deviant business practices, many bankruptcies and long history of stiffing the ‘little guy’ contractors.
  • willingness to forgive and get back to work - quite the opposite actually, bullying everyone who disagrees with him with childish twitter tirades, name calling, threats and bullying
  • willingness to share his heart with all of us - he’s dishonest… so to say that he is sharing is heart is hard to get behind. He will say anything to get what he wants.
  • honesty–no double talk or patronizing - See other message. He is boarderline pathological in his lying. It is constant
  • struggles with the “sins of the flesh”–so many of us can identify - sure we can identify… not glorify… sexual assault and the objectification of women is not a light topic. Many of us struggle with sins of the flesh, not many of us would glorify grabbing women their genitals.
  • willingness to work his butt off in this “job” - take a look at his vacation time compared to his predecessor. Considering that he relentlessly attacked Obama for vacation and then far exceeds Obama is a giant lie.
  • hard skin–can take a licking. - Really? He won’t let anything pass without attacking on twitter with name calling and revenge. I don’t let my 12 year old act with that level of immaturity or lack of emotional intelligence
  • flexibility–willing to try something else when one idea doesn’t work - Talk to me again when the government shuts down because he is demanding funding for his pet project - the wall - that Americans do not support or want to pay for. Remember, Mexico will pay…
  • courage–he could have been murdered in North Korea! - par for the course for a President…
  • willingness to champion practice of religion in public and private life - in word… his deeds are largely counter christian.
  • raised good kids who work hard. - My opinion, but it seems the apples haven’t fallen far from the tree.
  • a good and godly wife - you’re entitled to your opinion on this, but l’ll just say that she has a lot of work to do to live up to the standard of the many, many great women who came before her. Nice Christmas decorations at the White House won’t cut if for many Americans.[/quote]

It is obvious that we disagree greatly on our opinion of Trump,…There are many facts that I think you are either ignoring or don’t know about… I pray you’ll do some research and soul searching


I think your last post was a response not for me but for Peeps :grin:


I don’t adore Pres. Trump or any human (other than my husband and my favorite actor).

I think that he is better than the alternative, which was Secy. of State Clinton.

I agree with you that he has really told some whoppers in his speeches, and I think he gets a lot of his “facts” from the internet and from self-labeled journalists like Limbaugh, Hannity, and Levine (they are talk show hosts, not journalists, and they have made millions from being talk show hosts).

But if you google “Pres. Obama lies”, you will find the same lists of lies. And I’m guessing that the same would be true for any President–they have all lied.

Do you remember when the Congressman got in trouble for yelling out, “You lie!” to Pres. Obama? He apologized, but he was right.

But I would consider almost anyone preferable to Secy. of State Clinton. As a woman, I have read her articles in women’s magazines for two decades, and the depth of this woman’s evil beliefs is mind-boggling. The night of the election, I and many of my friends were literally in despair wondering what the U.S. would look like when she was President.

We weren’t especially thrilled with Donald Trump, but watching the other candidates crumple under his attacks was disturbing. A President needs to be able to stand up to any kind of personal attack, and Donald Trump was able to bring these men (and women) to tears. I honestly don’t think he’s a bully–I think he was just demonstrating their personal weaknesses. If they couldn’t stand up to him, how would they ever be able to stand up to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, or various world dictators, or the liberal press, or liberal entertainment professionals who have become millionaires telling jokes at others’ expense?!

But again, it all goes back to the awful alternative–Pres. H. Clinton.

I think it’s important for us to realize that often, we are hearing and seeing a media presentation of Pres. Trump, and I’m guessing that they practice selective filming and writing. I do not trust them.

And finally, I would say that biggest lie of all is told by most Democratic politicians and liberals–that “a woman has the right to her own body”–the lie of “reproductive choice.” I think that the list of verbal poop that you have posted from Donald Trump is a whiff of gas compared to that horrific lie–a mountain, an entire planet, of excrement. When the Democrats stop telling that lie and tell the TRUTH–that they are advocating that women be allowed to legally seek (and even have it paid for by our taxes) the killing of unborn human beings–then I will be willing to call out Pres. Trump on his lies. But as long as Democrats lie about this, I personally do not believe ANYTHING they say. I just can’t.


You asked what Pres Trump has lied about. I provided copious examples and you say Obama lied too and that makes it okay for you? Truth is Truth… your double standard is a bit troubling.

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