Trump’s March for Life Message


Actually, my Catholic beliefs do include a “rating” of evil acts—venial vs. mortal sin.

Inflating the number of people coming into this country illegally doesn’t sound as evil as advocating abortion on demand. Calling a woman “Pocahontas” doesn’t sound as evil as calling an unborn child “a choice.” Twitter tirades don’t sound as bad as a law allowing a woman to abort her baby up through the birth (infanticide).

I don’t object to people questioning Trump’s personality, his tirades, his tendency to pick and choose his facts. But again, I can’t help but think of the alternative. We saw a taste of Secy of State Clinton’s personality when she went off about “irredeemable-s.” In other words, she was willing to dismiss whole communities of adults as…well, not worth worrying about. I’ve read what she thinks of unborn babies.

YES, I’m willing to downplay his many faults when I think about the woman whose leadership we escaped by a few votes, thanks to the foresight of our Founding Fathers! If that makes me a bad Catholic–well…guilty. For the sake of the unborn, I will be a bad Catholic.

Put up an alternative who can beat the wiles and very deep purses (thanks to silly celebrities and big business who keep donating) of the Democrats! I would love to see Rick Santorum sitting in the Oval Office, but he will never, ever make it anywhere near–Democrats chew him into little bits.

This reminds me of those people who would rather die honorably in a duel instead of staying alive and being “dishonored.” Oh, brother! We’re talking about a country that is willing to kill its children here! So you don’t trust the President–WHO else is there?! You don’t think he’s done anything to help rid the nation of abortion? WHAT did President Bush do? Or President Obama? And what would President H. Clinton have done?!! It makes me shudder to think of it.

Even Jesus asked which is better, the son who said he would do a job, and didn’t, or a son who was rude about doing the job, but did it?


To be honest abortion does more harm than any of those issues, except maybe immigration, but even then…


I don’t deny that abortion is beyond horrible but if you were to put hierarchy and declare which sins are worse than others committed by groups of evil players in politics, abortion, as evil as it may sounds wouldn’t be on my top list according to my Catholic beliefs. Shocking? Not really when you know your catechism. It seems to me that you disregard the horrible evil committed by some of the most vile people in history and this is the sins of the Nazis, KKKs, the white supremacists willing to murder due to pure hate against God’s children and desecrating sacred symbols while doing it. Can’t top that kind of evil if you know what I mean. The Holocaust committed to the Jews is THE modern day Jewish crucifixion. Perhaps you feel indifferent to it but these vile people who continue their evil acts in America by burning down Churches, burning crosses to put fear into Blacks, lynching, gunning down worshipping people in Churches and Synagogues and what’s disturbing is that we have a president who sympathizes to these groups and thus emboldens them to terrorize America. And to hear you comment that you have no knowledge about these issues and your best remedy is to ignore them is beyond shocking to say the least.


White Supremists and KKK members are few here and I haven’t heard of anything serious, and while the few actions they commit are horrible, abortion happens a lot more often. In fact more lives have been ended by abortion than by the Holocaust.


I don’t discount the gravity of the sins of abortion. It is numerous to even count, I agree. The difference is that in Holocaust or just the recent shooting in the Jewish synagogue by these pure evil monsters, God and religion are implicated with the intent to desecrate religious symbols. And because we are not talking about the quantity of sins but the other poster seems to want to put hierarchy on which sins to be the worst committed, then, I am highly confident that murdering with the intent to implicate God and religion is to be the worst i would say. The top 2 and 5 in the 10 commandments are violated by these pure monsters compare to top 5 in abortion…


Excuse me. I have a great deal of knowledge of these issues–because my family is of German ancestry (my grandparents spoke Plattdeutsch) and were marginalized by non-Germans here in the U.S. during and after both World Wars, I read Mein Kampf in 7th grade and I have continued to read about the rise of the Nazis over the years and have an entire bookcase full of these books and pamphlets. (I’m now 61 years old). I have actually written and published a children’s novel in which a girls’ athletic team starts a White Rose Club to stop hate crimes against minorities. It’s not a best-seller by any means, but I continue to get mail about it.

My mother grew up in the South, and her family (11 children) was visited during the night by the Ku Klux Klan when she was a teenager–they came to warn her despicable father to change his ways (drunkenness, wife beating, child abuse, etc.). She told me they were wearing the white sheet hoods and were very scary. My mother picked cotton alongside black children, and always was an outspoken opponent of any prejudice or racism.

My father was the first landlord to rent an “east side” apartment to a black family in our city, and he received death threats in the mail and over the phone, which he shrugged off.

I don’t think that Pres. Trump has in any way endorsed either Nazis or Ku Klux Klan, and I don’t think that condemning people who sneak into this country illegally and commit crimes or seek out gangs is racist. I think the media has twisted his words and failed to fully report his life and actions towards minorities.

And I think that immigrants should absolutely enter the country legally for the purpose of becoming Americans.

Donald Trump was one of the early financial supporters of Figure Skating in Harlem, an organization that offers free ice skating (skates, outfits, lessons, ice time) to African American and Hispanic girls (children and teens) who live in Harlem (NYC).

Just this week, NBC’s Al Roker did a story about this organization and reported the large percentage (in the 90s) of the girls that graduate from college. It’s a very successful program available for franchise in other cities–Meryl Davis (Olympic Gold Medal ice dancer) was instrumental in getting the program started in Detroit, Michigan, and I keep trying to get it started in our city.

And Donald Trump was an early supporter of this fine program for African Americans and Hispanics–way back before he was ever involved with politics, and way back when he was running around with women.

I know this is a very small little thing, and it’s possible that Donald Trump was just supporting it because he liked seeing young girls in tight little dresses. He did attend the early ice shows that the Figure Skating in Harlem presented–I remember seeing the pictures in the skating magazines. I have not heard if he is still involved.

But small things are what most of us should be doing to fight racism. We have seen that even when major legislation (Civil Rights Act) was passed, racism continues. It’s the small, everyday actions by people (including Donald Trump) that will overcome racism.


Yes, you are correct. Hitler and his Nazis murdered around 12 million civilians in concentration camps and various government-sponsored “racial cleansing” programs (e.g., euthanasia of people with various mental illnesses and physical disabilities).

But in the U.S. since Roe v. Wade was passed, over 50 million people have been murdered. Many of the people who have died from abortion were minorities.

When it comes to human lives, one life is too many to be murdered. This isn’t a football game–“Yay, we win, 50 million to 12 million!” Heavens, ALL the lives that have been snuffed out mattered to God and should matter to us.

What I’m trying to say is that we in the U.S., in spite of our laws against racism and hate crimes and discrimination, have been guilty of legally creating our own American Holocaust.

To try to pretend that we are a loving and welcoming nation who wants “open borders” is hypocritical when at the same time, we kill babies that we don’t want. If I were living in another country, I’d be just a little afraid to come to the U.S.–what will happen to me when they decide they don’t want me anymore?


Respectfully opinion only. Pondering :thinking:
Not taking sides about agree some what. First faithful to what one confesses to believe in and in obeying Thou shall not?

As far as helping the poor, the poor are still among us and increased not decreased no matter what political party for years have been elected, correct?

Next observe where such decrease in poverty still remains and which political party rules over R or D such districts have it improved? Crime? Jobs? Safety and Protection? etc

Right now first time ever in recorded history
low unemployment across all blacks? Immigrants? :thinking:
Job creation and historic increases? :thinking:
Factories returning? :thinking:
Seeking safety and human solutions to border crossing for those within and without? :thinking:
One who also seeks reduction in drugs coming in for the safety of the Nation’s citizens, children families?:thinking:
Pro-life who sought to protect not only the living also, seeking to end wars also seeks to protect pro life, jobs, safety, health care? :thinking:
One who seeks to reduce wars and strive toward better relationships with other Nations? :thinking:
One who seeks to care Increase in Vet health issues (living also?) and benefit services, pay increases? :thinking:
And respectfully not just Trump’s views on abortion, pro life but those sought this new abortion law and celebrated such on the congress floor?:thinking:
It is ones own conscious, heart mind and soul, ones own responsibility to seek out answers to and determine such is it not, before voting?:thinking:
And recorded during campaign, jobs are not coming back, companies or wage increases told …those days are gone, what does he have a magic wand?
Does he have a magic wand?
Respectfully …Not taking sides either just pondering on that.:thinking:

As written…let you yes be yes and your no be no…that authority responsibility has been given to all right? :thinking:

Remembering also in pondering on the all of all:thinking::thinking:
Even Jesus was falsely accused of being this or that, even called satan by thus crucified and later found to be innocent right? :thinking:

Respect all sides but agree examine and question and search out facts etc…are important, not just listen to others telling you what to think or how to vote maybe?
Responsibility of everyone for the good of all? Peace :heart::thinking:


President Trump was voted pro-life person of the year last year. It is quite amazing: How can Catholics vote for Democrats when we see Democrats promoting the murder of full grown babies, and yet the man voted pro-life person of the year who has also given us the greatest employment numbers since the 60’s is hated so much. Catholics should never vote Democrat.

Oh, and if you feel the urge to give Obama credit for the jobs numbers, guess again:


I have no argued any of this. All I said was we have the obligation to not vote for candidates who support abortion. If we want to vote based on other pro-life issues we can but we don’t have to


I would go a step further and say that we have the obligation to do our best to defeat candidates who support abortion. That means voting for the person who has the best chance to defeat them. Here is a hint: Third party candidates have no chance of winning a presidential race.


Well no President works alone or can achieve much alone - this is why Trump doesn’t have his wall, which it seems neither republicans nor democrats partcularly want. But a third-party President wouldn’t be obliged to swallow the unsavoury bits of the platforms of either major party. And wouldn’t face quite the level of blind kneejerk opposition from the opposing major party that comes by virtue of simply being of the ‘other’.

As for third parties - Australia and the UK are both as entrenched two party cases as they come. And yet both in recent years have been in the previously unthinkable position where major parties have had to go cap in hand to third parties to even be able to form a government. So don’t say it can’t happen.


I sure hope not… :pray: but the Nazis, KKK, White Supremacists, Alt Right, Nationalist groups have endorsed him. Trump must have tickled their ears because they really, really adore and rally behind him. They even frequent and attend MAGA rallies proudly wearing those eyesoring red hats. Perhaps, it was a political strategy to invigorate these groups when he hired Steve Bannon, executive chairman of a popular extreme right wing news website, as his political strategist. There is something going on within the Republican Conservative Party. These Alt Right vs Traditional Conservatives.

What do you think should be done to those who are already in the country particularly the DACA? How about migrants and refugees seeking asylum?

Yes, we have a major major cultural decay in this country. Abortion, gun violence, pornography, sex, gambling, drugs, unrestrained Capitalism, and so on and so forth… What do you supposed can be done to remedy our cultural decay?


in the hopes of overturning roe v. wade… but we’ve had several conservative presidents in the past and we’ve achieved conservative majority in all branches of government and yet roe v. wade is still the law of the land… why do we as catholics who believe that God is always on our side are turning and putting our hopes into the hands of politicians when we know that we are only voting between 2 evils? aren’t we just trading evil policies over other evil policies? we as catholics are so much better than this to be putting our hopes into the hands of evil politicians to fight abortion… it’s a cultural decay and politicians cannot solve it alone.


In the debates leading up to the 2016 election President Trump warned that the democrats were heading in the direction of late term abortion. Well…here we are.

Of course as Catholics we know life begins at conception but it’s interesting that it took Cuomo’s and other liberal politicians late term legislation for some Catholics on the left to speak against the democratic political ideology.


Over the years, Trump’s stand on many issues has changed. I DO NOT trust the man to tell the truth.


The murder toll from abortions dwarfs all other causes of violent death combined.


Even now, there are attempts to rationalize or trivialize abortion.


I believe your first sentence to be prejudicial/judgmental.

Has God granted you the ability to read the man’s heart?


Quantifiably speaking, yes, abortion could be. [Just so everyone know, I am pro life, I hate comparing sins but for the sake of the debate, I’ll do it and since I keep reading and was challenged at one point to put hierarchy on sins, I’ll share my thoughts and opinions as many of you passionately think that the greatest single evil humans have ever committed was/is abortion.] Hierarchically speaking on sins and evils being committed by humans, I would say, for any genuine Roman Catholic, Jesus’ Crucifixion alone has to be by far the single greatest evil, bar none. In addition, all of the Jewish crucifixion in the past and The Holocaust as The modern day Jewish crucifixion are greater in gravity of sins and evils than abortion. When God and religion are being implicated with the intent to desecrate sacred religious symbols (nothing could be more purer in rage, hate and evil than that) then you are violating the first top two and #5 of the Ten Commandments while #5 is only violated in abortion.

By the way, I am the one who you thought was a Pantheist…

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