Trump’s March for Life Message



Until recently, we have not had a president willing to ask for and sign pro-life legislation.
We have for decades had politicians provide lip service. We now have a president willing to act.

I think justice Roberts was not at all what he was purported to be.
This could become inconsequential when/if Trump appoints another supreme court justice.


According to this logic, wouldn’t abortion be the lesser of the two evils? An unborn baby would have no sin to repent of, so it should go to heaven automatically.


No. It wouldn’t be the lesser of two evils, because both things are evil and therefore something that I find morally objectionable. And we as Christians cannot willingly accept evil be it abortion or the death penalty. The baby made no choice in having its life taken. And the adult who gets executed is being killed by the state who is essentially playing God in that instance. In both cases we’re playing God with who gets to live and who gets to die.


This President has stuck his neck out on issues that matter to him - most notably immigration and his precious wall. The fact is he has done next to nothing on abortion. It speaks to where the man’s priorities really are.


He is the only president, as far as I am aware to address the March for Life.

I think some may be political but I do trust that Pence is genuine. And I think Trump is intellegent enough to know that if he has a chance to do something about abortion and doesn’t he will lose some of his voting base.


Most of the pro life circles I am in consider him to have done more than any past president.
How do you suppose he got that reputation while doing nothing?


I have my own doubts about Trump on the issue of abortion. That said, there is not a whole lot the executive can do on the issue. There would have to be a change in legal precedence from the courts, or we’d have to amend the constitution.


As others have posted, many people who were once dyed-in-the-wool pro-choice changed their minds, often after a personal incident brought them to the realization that it really is a child, not a “choice.”

I think the most famous example is Dr. B. Nathanson (sorry if I have spelled his name wrong), who went from performing abortions to speaking out against abortion and filming a documentary about abortion that was enormously effective.

As I said earlier, I was pro-choice along with most of the people in my Conference Baptist Church back in the 1970s because we didn’t know any better. I remember our pastor’s wife telling us (8th grade girls Sunday School class) that sometimes an abortion was the most merciful choice.)

But once Dr. James Dobson (psychologist) and Keith and Melody Green (singers) started speaking out and telling the truth about abortion–we all changed our minds and starting working in different ways to save the unborn.

So please don’t hold this against Donald Trump. Remember that he is married to a godly Catholic woman who is making the raising of their son a priority (so far, no scandals about Barron!). And give the man the benefit of the doubt–Dr. Dobson described him as a “baby Christian,” and most “baby Christians” have some very rough edges. In fact, even “mature” Christians say and do bad things, and continue to sin. I will admit that I am far from perfect in my day to day actions and words.


Because most past Presidents did LITERALLY nothing - and so set the bar at ground level. Very easy to say he has done more by, for example, expending some hot air on a few speeches.

Please name these great and glorious achievements of Trumps. Pro-life judges? Gorsuch at least said he would keep Roe v Wade as the law of the land so he doesn’t count. Funding for Planned Parenthood? They don’t look to be hurting or shutting up shop any time soon, so nothing achieved. Speeches? Schmeeches. Anything else?

When he threatens to shut down the government over lack of action on pro-life issues or the like, then I will believe he is serious, because he has shown he is prepared to take real risks and real action when he cares.


Ok. A quick check from Priests for Life provided a list

President Trump appointed two pro-life Supreme Court justices and dozens of other pro-life federal judges, more than any other president at this point in his term.

President Trump gave the states the right to stop funding Planned Parenthood and to withhold Medicare and other federal money from organizations that perform abortions.

President Trump cut taxpayer funding under the Title X program from any facility that performs abortions or refers clients to them, such as Planned Parenthood.

President Trump reinstated and expanded the “Mexico City Policy,” ensuring that tax dollars will not fund the abortion industry overseas.

President Trump issued a rule requiring insurers to specify which health insurance plans cover abortion.

President Trump created the Conscience and Religious Freedom division of the Department of Health and Human Services to protect those who refuse to participate in abortion.

President Trump ended the Obamacare mandate that forced employers to cover abortion in health insurance they offered to their employees.

President Trump has filled his administration with strong pro-life people in key positions who are making and implementing policies and practices that advance the pro-life agenda.

President Trump has pushed hard for the Senate to pass key legislation to protect babies (like the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act) and defund the abortion industry

I am sure there is more, but I figured a quick list would suffice.


From Susan B Anthony…
The UNFPA has long been complicit in China’s oppressive population control activities, including birth limitation policies and forced abortions. President Trump’s State Department cut U.S. Taxpayer funding to the UNFPA.


From the Canadian Free Press…
Spoke live via satellite at the March for Life in DC, a first for any sitting U.S. president.

  • Mike Pence was the first VP to speak in person at the March for Life.
  • Cut off taxpayer funding for the U.N. Population Fund.


Thank you for printing all these Pres. Trump “anti-abortion” accomplishments. It’s good to have this list in one place.


It’s not likely that Pres. Trump would shut down the government over pro-life issues. I believe that eliminating Roe v. Wade is not something that either the Executive Branch or the Legislative Branch has the power to do. (Someone please correct me if this is not true.)

And even if Roe v. Wade is struck down, the decision to allow abortions to be offered will go back to the States, and the President doesn’t have the power to tell the States what to do. (I wish he did–I wish he were the governor in illinois, because I think he would be able to deal with Speaker of the House Michael Madigan and pull us out of “junk bond” status. :()

The President is doing everything he has the power to do, and most importantly, he is giving hope and encouragement to those who are pro-life, especially to those people who are actively working to end abortion in this country. Pres. Obama (and Secy of State Clinton) basically treated us like stupid rich children who needed to get real; they made it look like we were monsters hurting poor helpless women whose lives would be utterly ruined by bearing unwanted children. Also, they spread this evil rhetoric to women, especially young women, college students, and teenagers who didn’t have any kind of religious bearings, and they made it look like only Catholics (who allow their priests to have sex with children) and Evangelicals (who cling to their guns and their religion) are in favor of ending the right to abortion in the world.

Pres. Trump has certainly energized pro-life people! He himself seems to have boundless energy and a “let’s do this!” attitude that is very winsome and contagious. I have more hope than I have had in many years.

And you know–I really don’t care that he has a salty vocabulary and doesn’t act “Presidential.” What is “Presidential” anyway? There are no Constitutional descriptions of what a President must be, other than over 35 years of age and a native-born American citizen. Those are the only qualifications.


If there is one thing I could change in our country, it would be to separate Church and religion from politics.
I believe that most politicians try to use religion to further their own agenda.
Render unto Caesar. Render unto God.


I agree President Trump is unlikely to shut down the government over pro-life - which is not to say that he couldn’t or shouldn’t. The fact that he probably won’t speaks volumes as to his priorities. As for doing all he can, no he isn’t!

If you are of the view, as any pro-lifer should be, that abortion is murder pure and simple, and is happening on a grand scale, then why should it be left up to the states? Why not shut down the government and demand that the states cede their autonomy in this one area as a condition of reopening it?

I’m not overly worried about ‘salty’ language and ‘unPresidential’ behaviour on the part of Trump per se as I am about
*his many demonstrated falsehoods, which indicate at best an extreme and concerning carelessness about truth,
*his disturbing tendencies towards nepotism (ie the level of involvement of his largely unqualified children and in-laws in government affairs),
*his egomania (ie petty public arguments over who had the biggest inauguration crowds, disrespect to world leaders such as QE2 - again concerningly careless at best)
*his lack of work ethic (and if he’s making calls, taking meetings or otherwise doing business during his so-called ‘executive time’, any American citizen should want to know at least the basics of WHO he is calling and meeting with and WHAT business he is doing at those times - isn’t that the whole point of making his schedule public?)
*his inabilty to work with people - hence the many staffers who have quit/been sacked and then dumped on him. Not a good quality in a President who hopes to achieve things.


The anticipation of overturning Roe vs Wade seems to be working against the pro-life movement in a major way by now allowing states to get around the Hyde Amendment and to fund abortions themselves. I also live in Illinois and note that the number of abortions has quadrupled in six months and many are crossing state lines in order to get free abortions.

P.S. I sold off all my Illinois municipal bonds.


Seems to be that way. When in New York, he expresses his New York values.


Iowa voters weren’t buying it.


He was the eventual Republican candidate. Did Iowa Republicans vote for pro-abortion Hillary in the general election?
No. Trump won Iowa by a nearly 10% margin. :grin:

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