Trump’s March for Life Message


I am of the view that abortion is murder, but I do not advocate revolution to bring about a change in the law.

Shutting down the government and demanding that states cede their autonomy in this one area is against our Constitution, and is, IMO, the act of a lawbreaker. If a President did this, I believe that Congress, including pro-life Congresspeople, would call for impeachment, and I think that they would be correct to do so.

The United States is not a nation in which an illegal revolution is required to bring about change.

What needs to happen in the U.S. is a spiritual renewal (or revival, if that word is more comfortable to you). Christians need to live out Jesus’s admonitions to love God and love one another with all our hearts. We need to be living “pro-life” in our daily lives–respecting others, helping the poor and the disenfranchised with practical help that will not only help them survive, but help them to rise up out of their circumstances. We need to be singing and making melody in our hearts to the Lord, and letting our lights shine in this very very dark world. We need to be demonstrating daily the fruit of the Spirit, and we need to be using the gifts of the Spirit.

And we need to be working through the proper channels to bring about a change in our laws. I think that we need to be constantly lobbying our politicians and urging them to please consider learning more about abortion and voting pro-life on various bills. And I especially think Democrats need to play hard-ball with their politicians and write or call and tell them “I will not vote for your because of your pro-abortion votes on various bills (and name those bills), and only when you begin visiting pro-life organizations and actually LISTENING to pro-life people will I even CONSIDER voting for you again. I will be voting for the pro-life candidate (whatever Party).”

Numbers mean a lot to politicians. If vast numbers of Catholic and Protestant Democrats did this kind of hard-ball, we would see Democrats at least be courteous to pro-life lobbyists and perhaps even hear them out, and do some reading and maybe visit some Pregnancy Life Care Centers in their district and learn about the pro-life POV.

But so many Democrats can’t see past Pres. Trump’s uncouthness, or they are still convinced that Democrat policies are better for the poor and the disenfranchised and the minorities, and that the Republicans are all rich fat cats who oppress the poor, disenfranchised, and minorities. How foolish.


Respectfully opinion only not taking either sides either…but …change if for the good…is good. Hopefully we all seek to change, for the good…right? :thinking:

They say actions speak louder then words, thus he is taking action verbally and has already put forth a bill to stop this new abortion law, its immoral and inhumane practice and challenge it…is he not? :thinking:

He also foretold what they would do, and guess what, it was …true…they are doing exactly what he said in his campaign are they not and have passed their law to do so? :thinking:

What is amazing to see is one who got elected is fulfilling his campaign promises is he not?


They didn’t try to “destroy health care.” They tried to get rid of the Affordable Health Care Act, which has not been a good system for many people. (I work in health care, BTW.)

He is not a “Fake President.” He was elected according to the laws of this land. You are free to disagree with him–another law of our land.

Would you have preferred to have Secy of State Clinton in office right now?


You do realise that the US and its Constitution exists because of revolution - and bloody revolution at that. Its entire existence came about by serious breaches of the existing laws and constitutions.

40 years of slaughter of your unborn citizens on an unprecedented scale that looks to continue well into the foreseeable future. Is a Constitution that allows that worth defending?

I seem to recall a large part of the motivation (and justification) for WW2 was Hitler perpetrating mass slaughter on his own Jewish citizens. Thank God no-one allowed that to continue for 40 years!


The world didn’t respond to Hitler because of genocide and other crimes against humanity in his own country (or adopted country–he was born in Austria).

The democratic countries of the world declared war on Hitler only after he invaded Poland. They responded to his attacks on other nations, not to his attacks on Jews and other people he deemed not worthy of life.

I think it’s highly unlikely that any country would attack the United States of America because of our legalized abortion. Most countries of the world have legal abortion these days.

And yes, of course I realize that the United States came into being because of a revolution–against tyranny and injustice.

But again, i don’t think that a “revolution” is the way to end abortion in this land. If the people are not trusting in God, then they will continue to seek and find abortion providers illegally. We need to pray and work for a “revolution of spirituality”–we need to rescue souls and bring them to the Lord Jesus for healing and redemption. Only then will we have a chance to end abortion.

Sadly, about 1/6 of all abortions are performed on women who profess Evangelical Christianity. Not sure of how many abortions are performed on women who profess loyalty to the Catholic Church. So even faith in Jesus doesn’t stop humans from committing sin. We still choose to rebel against our Redeemer.


The issue of health care in the U.S. is much more complex than Democrats vs. Republicans who hate each other.

I have always said that rather than implementing any kind of program, the best thing that the U.S. government could do is commission a massive study of the issue, and involve doctors and other health care professionals (especially laboratory, because 70% of diagnoses and treatment decisions are made based on lab results, and at the moment, most doctors over-order lab testing, but that’s because of the likelihood of lawsuits if they don’t order every possible test that exists).

I am a medical technologist, BTW, and I have worked for over 30 years in Microbiology in a hospital lab.

I believe that before implementing a national health care plan, our lawmakers need to have a comprehensive study of the issue, and learn a lot more about health care and why it costs so much. I think that such a study should last at least 2 years.

E.g., many people extol the “free healthcare” in the Scandinavian countries. One thing that must be taken into account is the fact that the vast majority of the population of these countries is Scandinavian, and for various reasons, Scandinavians are among the healthiest people in the world!

In contrast, the U.S. is a mixing bowl of nationalities, and all of them bring their own genetic dispositions to the bowl. E.g., people of African descent carry the risk of inheriting Sickle Cell anemia or Sickle Cell trait. E.g., people of Jewish descent (European) may carry a gene for a certain thalassemia.

ONE SIZE definitely does not fit all in the U.S.! Our country is vast and has many different geographic zones, and the people on the West Coast have different health issues than the people in the Midwest or in the South.

I am always amazed at how fit and thin the people in Colorado are, and how many of them are active compared to the people in my city. I am amazed that many people in NYC do not own a car and walk or take public transportation everywhere. I am amazed that people in cities like St. Louis or Chicago are at high risk for being shot (or my city, which, although smaller, actually has a higher risk of being shot if you calculate the percentage of shootings).

This crazy quilt of people and pathologies makes it extremely difficult to create a health care system that will provide adequate care for everyone in the U.S. withouth costing 90% of our budget!

Add to that the litigation issues–people sue over a belly button that they don’t like!–it’s no wonder our health care costs a fortune!

And add to that the general lack of fitness and the large number of people who are overweight due to lack of fitness and a fast food/processed food diet, often because it’s cheaper than “healthy” food, and also because it’s traditional in certain areas of the country and among certain ethnic groups–is it any wonder that national health care in the U.S. is not as simple as it is in Canada or Sweden?

So I say, STUDY it first. THEN create a policy of National Health Care. But don’t just give everyone free health care and expect the taxpayers to foot the bill. It’s not feasible.

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