Trump’s March for Life Message


Don’t say you are going to join the Lutherans. Then you are just as bad as Catholic Fireman. Faith should always come before politics. We have to fight for what is right and just. The Church is not racist even if some members are.


I was never impressed with the man to start off with, I always saw him as a Class A braggart.


Being pro-life shouldn’t be partisan, it is logical. Doesn’t even have to be religious. If we found one cell on Mars we would all freak out and say “life on Mars!” But one cell in the womb isn’t life, but it’s the same cell…

But pro-life is much more than anti-abortion, and I do not believe either party is really pro-life. Rs support death penalty, against social programs for the poor, child separation. Ds support pro-choice, euthanasia, doctor assisted suicide. By Rs and Ds I mean the official party platforms.


Trump is “against” abortion because it was expedient for him when he was campaigning to become President as a Republican.
Prior to that he was always in favour of abortion.


Hillary Clinton did the same thing on gay marriage. Politicians support what gets votes


Some call them the British brainwashing network.:heart_eyes:


But that would make it the BBN.


You are right. It is the British Brainwashing Corporation. I actually watch the BBC news. It is brainwashing, but that british accent makes it sound less idiotic that CNN, for example. :grin:


I actually find the BBC accent extremely pretentious.


I think they can’t help themselves. Sort of…the way I can’t sound all that British.


That minute happened years and years ago…


Republicans are NOT against “social programs for the poor.”

! ! ! !

We support social programs at the most local levels that utilize local people and resources to help people rise up out of poverty, rather than federal programs that somehow manage to keep people poor forever.

Most of the money that pours into federal “compassion” programs pays for the administration of the programs, and doesn’t go to those who are in need.

This is very consistent with Catholic teaching on subsidiarity.


God Bless President Trump. His press conference yesterday ranks among the best given. A true patriot and champion for life!


I’m curious, do you have an example of one of these projects that conservatives support?


Respectfully opinion only in questioning, examining, searching info and seeking out truth only.
Find out then who funds and started Planned Parenthood, hint it is not Trump is it?
Find out what political party wants abortion up to 9 months, hint it is not Trump is it?
Easy to find their quotes during campaign and quotes of those who are not pro abortion is it not?
Find out if it is true as other news sources report, if hearts? organs? limbs? etc are being sold $$$$, hint Trump builds Hotels and golf courses?
Have a lot more questions needing to be answered?

Years passed in every election candidates promise on ending, or solving the serious issues of abortions on both sides, but once elected did nothing about it? Only increased is this true?

Can only debate work on one issue at time… nor did other administrations who professed they were against abortion in their campaign shut down the government either once elected nor filled their campaign promise on the abortion issue did they?

His main central Campaign promise was to continuing in building a safety border wall to find solutions for all the serious issues?
Not taking sides either!!!

:sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy: And have great concerns for the poor refugees coming also, welcome them, but there is another side to refugee story also?

Every Nation on earth needs… Laws to maintain Order, that will Righteously Provide and distribute
Protection and Safety for all?
Prosperity for all?
Health for all?
Equality rights for all?
Freedom for all?
That is the role of those who run to be elected and serve in Government is it not?

The world is out of order maybe? Why?
Why do the few hold more wealth then the larger in numbers?
In this modern world today no one should be going without or in need of right?

We are all Human Beings, we are all Brothers and Sisters, we all belong to …The One Human Family…called…The Human Race :heart:

Was Jesus rebuking the larger in numbers in Matthew chapter 23 or was Jesus … harshly boldly rebuking even calling them blood vipers addressing the smaller in numbers?
Tax burdens a serious heavy issue in Jesus time, by those who ruled over them??
Identifying them as being the children of their father of lies?
Identifying the character of those who are the Lawlessones who were serving their own self interest?
Charging them with going against His Natural Law of Creation?

Respectfully just a lot of questions when examining, searching out truth is all…NOT taking sides and NO NO I am not a protestant either…Peace :heart:


This is why I said the official party platforms. The party itself or individual members may not agree with the platform. The official platform does not support expansion of welfare or healthcare programs (I’m not putting my personal opinion into this at all, just referring to the platform).

In practice, yes there are many local programs Republicans have run to help the poor, my town and neighboring towns are all Republican so I understand completely what you mean. But I do think they could do much more also if we examine the party platforms more closely.

  • For those who don’t know the “party platform” isn’t some made up term, it is a legit document that is found on any party’s website


Respectfully opinion only asking kindly. In stating such what are your sources quotes etc?
Thanks Peace


Respectfully opinion only agree with …protect all Human Life…
Call it pro life or pro birth one and the same…a child, a human being with a heart beat and feels pain?

Trump is… not… confused nor many many others, are they? A Life is a Life, pro birth or pro-life?

Trump is not confused… on pro life or pro birth, wants to get out of Syria as reported in many news outlets. bring soldiers home ( pro life right?) his planned military agenda, trying to stop innocent loss of life, already given birth to, right?

Create jobs, increase wages, bring about prosperity, health care improvement, border wall safety and entry, save lives drug issue-etc etc all pro life those who have already been given birth to, right?

This Pres Trump is standing up to end abortion, right? Trump concerns with … pro- abortion…is both a >>>>>> pro- birth and pro-life>>>>>>> serious issue…for the Mother and child… health, safety, protection etc, would that be true?

Indeed broaden their views agree
Reported in news outlets, news sources reported, when the Pope called the Iraq war unjust war, right?
Is both a pro-life, pro birth serious issue for ( mothers in theses war areas with child? and for pro life, those who were already given birth to, right ?

Pres Trump throughout his life time also has given to those in need been given birth to…just one source out of many …on TV video ( look it up) to a child who needed $$ for a heart life saving operation, right (not even Pres yet?)

Trump has given $10,000 to many who have been given birth to right? 100’s he has helped long before becoming Pres right??

… First Pres ever who gives his yearly Pres salary quarterly to those in need …and announces publicly at WH Press Conference…those who receive it right?

Does he not want to help those on the inside and on the outside both sides who have been given birth to, pro-life and pro birth …some precious women who have fled on foot, walked thousand of mile …with child… delivery within hrs after entering, has this not been reported?
Travelling on foot puts mothers in danger and their child yet born?

Theses serious issues on both sides… need to be addressed, for the health, safety and protection for all… within and without, right?

How many human lives as the Pres Trump mentioned in many of his speeches have lost their precious lives that were given birth to, because of drugs.wars.border issues, weekly?

Trump standing up speaking up and defending against abortion and was at the rally also and his believes before Pres even in his own quotes years before?

Respectfully toward opinion only…Trump and others are not confused are they?..Peace :heart:


Trump is not a saint. He is a politician.
Judge him by what he does and not what he says, or what is said of him.

You can not think rationally if you are consumed by Trump rage. (think road rage)

History will judge him by his actions.

Is he the first US president to speak at the March for Life?


God bless president Trump.

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