Trump’s March for Life Message


Our local Rescue Mission. I wish I could put a link up but that would give away my anonymity. Thousands are served every year, not just alcohol abusers, but homeless people, mothers with small children who are in dangerous relationships, homeless children, and opoid addicts. NO government money.

Our local Pregnacy Life Care Center. Every bit of the money is raised locally, and the volunteers are all local, as are the few paid staff. Hundreds of women helped.

Our local Food Pantry. NO government dollars, but thousands given the opportunity to “shop” for food.

Our local after-school program for over 200 children who live in “troubled” (that’s putting it mildly) home. They receive not only a hot supper, but two take home meals (granola bars, etc.) that they can also use at school. They have homework helpers, a gym, and all kinds of classes in various fun things that regular families just do naturally, but it’s heaven to these kids. And they learn about God and civil behavior. NO government money.

March for Life!

Prison Fellowship

All the churches in our city–most of them are involved in some kind of charitable outreach, small and large.

I could go on and on. No time.

These organizations work without gov. aid, and they do so much good.

In addition, there are many individuals who are never noticed, but who regularly help the poor in tangible ways. My brother owns 40 rental properties, all well-kept (but modest), and his rents are based on the renter’s ability to pay. If a good person can’t afford the asking rent, my brother works out a deal where the renter will mow the lawn, or paint, or plant flowers, or clean out the garage, or some other chore, and that’s enough for my brother. This enables many families and individuals to live in a decent, safe home and still have money left over to buy not only necessities, but some pleasures as well. And it gives them their dignity because it’s not just a handout.

Habitat for Humanity–thousands of homes built all over the U.S., including our city.


And these kids did absolutely nothing wrong. The Native American man approached them after they were being antagonized by four men for wearing MAGA hats. They initially thought it was all fun and games with Phillips beating his drum…they didn’t realize that the media would spin it to suit their agenda. Phillips’s claims of the boys screaming “build that wall” are false. They weren’t the ones being hostile. If anything, the four grown men as well as Phillips should have known better.

Don’t be ashamed of what these boys didn’t do.


With respect, Trump isn’t going to overturn US abortion laws, it makes no political sense for him to do so. If he actually does overturn it he’ll be out of power more or less immediately afterwards because you’ll have no reason to support him. What he’ll do in the mean time is tinker with fringe programmes by defunding them, and when the Dems take overall control in 2-6 years time they’ll reverse the decision and so the status quo is maintained.


How about his own words when he says he is pro-choice.


BBC, like CNN is very fake news.


What is not fake then??


I get my news from Alex Jones.


A very interesting choice. A serious question, why does what he says feel like the truth to you? I like comedy “news” but I don’t view them as a serious source of news.


Yes, I agree! It was at this moment that I knew he would be a truly great president. I hope my son grows up to be just like him. He’s a role model for all.


Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube all shut him down last year. That tells me he is telling the truth and the establishment’s feathers are too ruffled by it.

Yet news media that perpetuates lies, hate, and whatnot still have social media platform enjoyment.


Even my 13 year old son and his friends laugh at him. They thought he was doing a comedy routine like The Onion.


Agree that his words are encouraging. Actions have been underwhelming… would like to see home spend more time on abortion and less on building walls… so many lies from Trump makes it difficult to take him seriously


Again seriously, so opposition to a person’s message makes that message more true? Is that your approach in your personal life, anyone that opposes your thought makes it more valid?

This is just so far from my understanding of a world where principled, logical, and agreed upon reality exists. I have an uncle with whom I barely agree with politically (he’d be much closer to yours). However we both respect that each of us has a basis for our beliefs, even if we come to totally different conclusions. We both can recognize that each has a valid reality and that we can work out ways for those realities to coexist. What makes that suspicious in your reality? Honestly it is the severe downturn in this civility that drives my concern, alarm, and distaste for the winner take all politics in the Trump era.


The one thing we can all agree on, as others have said on CAF: Pray for Donald Trump and the government!


The welfare program has been a disaster since its inception…it promotes the destruction of the nuclear family, and guarantees that future generations will live in poverty, and be dependent on the government. [and vote for the Ds]


I don’t get that statement. Is any social program perfect? That is certainly not the case. But if this is your belief, are you willing to give up social security? Are defined benefit programs better simply because they are privately funded, not withstanding that most employment situations no longer have them and those that do make their recipients essentially at the bottom of the list when it comes to bankruptcy? Is requiring people’s retirement be attached to the winds of the stock market and their ability to find spare money to invest the way forward? What are we to do about the disappearance of well paying jobs, especially those that require little education? Have you ever talked to someone about the realities of public assistance and being able to barely scrape by?

I’d submit that government programs are only the result of capitalism not being able to find reasonable working opportunities for those of lesser means. I believe most people are not lazy and if given the chance many would rather find meaningful employment. But if we are to value profitability over anything else vs social good, the choice is eventually is basically government assistance or some sort of revolution. Don’t kid yourself, in this era of increased life expectancy, higher medical costs, and higher cost of basic living, there is not enough charitable giving to keep up. This is especially true because much of this money goes toward maintaining things like churches and other institutions.


That’s your opinion, I’m not expressing my opinion. I’m just saying what the actual platform is


I am glad he is taking a pro-life stand… but for his supporters to extrapolate that it’s out of his “faith” or “fear of the Lord” just blows me away. Do you read his tweets? Did follow his public life over the past couple decades? He has publicly said he has never asked God for forgiveness for anything and sees no need to do so… he is not a faith role model. I just don’t get this mythology surrounding him.


Trump’s twitter… .

I understand those who support his policies, but the cult of personality, the mythology surrounding him, that completely hand waves his vile personality and public past, is deeply disturbing. It is evident on this very thread.


If he really cares about LIFE, he will enforce a govt shutdown to defund PP, PP obtained 500 m $ govt fundign in 2017 , and it performed 321000 abortions. If he can shutdown govt for the wall in the name of protecting Americans, he should be first shutting down govt for defunding PP which would save far many American lives than the lawlessness and crimes of illegal immigrants
That said he seems slightly better than the previous presidents when it comes to being pro-birth at least in words

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