Trump’s March for Life Message


Sometimes I wonder if the devil isn’t working on this country through the pro-life issue. He knows many are one issue voters so he’s using that to sweep all kinds of other evils into play. Just my wondering thoughts.


I don’t think it’s “one issue voters”. The Church has said it is a sin to vote for a politician that supports abortion and makes us culpable in the sin. So in effect this creates “one issue voters” because Catholics can’t vote for pro choice candidates


Oh I know. But there is lots of other sins going on too.


I am pro life.


The problem is that neither party really is truly pro-life. Both of them are morally contradictory


Yes I find this tough myself. Some politicians do a lot for prison reform (which personally I want prison reform as I hate the cruelty we show prisoners) but usually these politicians are pro-choice. I want more programs to help the poor but usually these politicians are pro-choice.

The logic is, caring about prisoners and the poor is good, Jesus says “you saw me when you visited the prisoner, clothed the naked, fed the hungry…”. But how can we look to help those who are alive when those who aren’t alive are being killed? Murder is the graver sin that we must address.

But as someone studying for a Bachelor’s in Political Science, I find it a tough spot to in effect be a “one-issue voter” but the fact is, abortion comes before all other issues because it has to


That is very true but in this case, it’s not that we can’t vote for someone who isn’t pro life. We aren’t culpable if someone supports policy anti to the broader sense of life, though this may be a bad politician to vote for. But we are culpable if we vote for anyone who supports abortion.

I did not vote for the gubernatorial race in my state this past November because both the R and D were pro-choice and we are not allowed to chose the “lesser of two evils” because we still chose an evil and thus this is sinful.

I did not vote for Trump or Hillary in 2016 as neither are pro-life IMO


I get what you mean. I guess what I’m saying is that it doesn’t appear that there is someone we genuinely can vote for. The Republicans are full of evangelical pro-lifers that take an approach I don’t really agree with. If there were someone actually pro-life that we could vote for we wouldn’t find ourselves staring down a moral conundrum


YES, I agree completely!


But the requirement isn’t that we must vote pro-life. Pro-life isn’t just abortion, it’s anti-death penalty, euthanasia, helping poor, helping migrants…

We are required to vote anti-abortion as opposed to pro-life. No politician is entirely pro-life on either side of the aisle, but some are anti-abortion, even if it is a move that is political advantageous for them (such as Trump’s views IMO)

But yes, we basically can’t vote for either Rs or Ds to be honest if we are taking pro-life as the entire umbrella. Usually we must vote 3rd party, I vote who my Bishop endorses usually but I do plenty of research of my own as this is my hobby/academic interest


No, it’s fact. I’ve personally seen generations of young inner-city women decide on welfare as a ‘career’…they start having babies in high school, with a goal of seven or eight eventually, so their welfare check will be big enough for them to party every night. Marriage? No way! That could stop the checks! There goes the nuclear family, the basis of society.


Right, the consistency of life. I mean pro-life in that sense.


I have relatives on welfare, on disability, on hospice, on Medicaid, on Medicare, on government housing, on government healthcare. I am not saying I agree or disagree with you. I was merely noting the offical platform of the party


As a young Catholic (childhood), I used to say I was pro-choice. My reasoning was that my mother, a Type 1 diabetic, had been told that if she had a child, she wouldn’t survive the birth. If she did survive it, she would die soon after. My mother knowing the risks of having a pregnancy, refused all pleas to abort and chose to put her life and the lives of any babies she had in God’s hands.

Because of my now 87 yr old mother’s choice, I grew up believing that all women (or teens) always chose to have their babies. And if they couldn’t take care of them, there were options like adoption. It took careful explaining to show me that I was actually pro-life which I find much nicer. :hugs:


Yeah, if we are voting on the fullness of pro-life, no politician fits that bill. But since our only requirement is to not vote for someone supporting abortion in anyway, we have the personal discretion to vote in the rest of what it means to be pro-life as we wish.

Personally, I abstain from half of the elections on ballots. Last November I voted for I think 4 out of 8 offices on my ballot. But this was my discretion on how far I will consider the fullness of pro-life after the requirement of not voting for anyone supporting abortion in anyway - the priests I have spoken with told me it was a mortal sin to vote for an abortion supporting politician, I hate to think half of the US is under mortal sin but we must remember a lot of people don’t have knowledge of this so they aren’t culpable. But now we are because we know!


It’s interesting to me that many of these states have high rates of Trump supporters.


Agreed. I was merely attempting to show why the platform might be as it is.


On principle I don’t think I could vote for a politician that is pro-life but also pro-death penalty. It just seems way too contradictory to me, and I would feel like a hypocrite for doing so.


Yes I do not vote for these death penalty politicians either. One of the main reasons I didn’t vote for Trump was that he supported torture of suspected terrorists without even a court ruling or appearance first. He also wanted to reinstate the death penalty. This and I don’t think he respects women with his indulgence in prostitutes and impure media as well as some vulgar comments he’s made. This was all of course my discretion since on face value he says he’s anti-abortion. So I then have the ability to research on him and decide if I want to support his broader pro-lifeness (or rather lack there of)


Personally I don’t think he’s all that invested in the pro-life cause. And a lot of mainstream high profile members of the Republican Party are pro death penalty as well. It’s like, could the principled pro life and anti state authoritarian politician please stand up.

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