Trump’s March for Life Message


Both parties are hypocrites. Republican Party platform support life of the unborn but don’t support life because of death penalty, torture…

Democratic Party platform support life by being against death penalty but then support euthanasia, doctor assisted suicide, and pro-choice.

Usually the best option is to vote 3rd party but of course they won’t win for a variety of academic reasons that aren’t related to this thread lol


I don’t really like the 3rd party options either. The dominant force within Libertarianism is anarcho capitalism and as far as I’m aware they’re generally on the pro choice side. Then you have the Green Party who are just totally idealistic and have no concept of how things work in the real world. And then you’ve parties like the Democratic Socialists of America and Communist Party USA, both of which believe in things that run contrary to the Church. And you can’t exactly be a practicing Catholic and a communist as per what the church says.


and yet he was first and only POTUS to ever address the March for Life in 45 year history.


There are candidates who run not on a mainstream party platform, some that run for an Independance Party or a Conservative Party or whatever. Those are usually more pro-life but you could argue they are usually very pro-corporate business which in some ways isn’t pro-life at all.

No politician is perfect, so we all have to make concessions here and there if we honestly want to vote. But we can’t conceed on abortion


I think this was for political expediency. He also didn’t do it in person, was on video but that is beside the point


That doesn’t definitively mean he’s firmly invested in the pro life cause. I think it’s more smart politics with his base. Which for him plays to his strength


I just can’t support the far left parties. I consider myself politically independent with some left leaning tendencies, but they don’t like people such as ourselves. We’re not welcome and they’re beliefs run contrary to the Church’s position that man has the right to own property


I was a Sociology major for 2 years but I eventually dropped out of the program (I was Political Science and Sociology, two majors) because it is an atheistic major.

Rule #1 is there is no truth, everything is relative to our experiences.
Rule #2 is that morality doesn’t apply universally, it is different for each person
Rule #3 is socialism is the answer as it helps the poor and allows for the most communalism
Rule #4 is capitalism is evil and exploits the poor while helping the elite

I was really sucking the pipe as it were on this stuff, I considered not attending mass anymore because this stuff was showing me that religion wasn’t worth anything. I ultimately left the major and picked up Religious Studies because it was not a healthy major and is downright wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Side note - for those of you who haven’t studied sociology, it was created as a new religion, as the replacement for all religion, I’m not joking. The academics and sociologists were called “the new priests”. Dead honest, not joking. It is scary stuff. This is the reality of academia on the far-left, I experienced it deeply and believed it


Equating an innocent unborn child with a guilty convicted murderer is the definition of moral relativism.

Cathecism was not opposed to death penalty during 2016 election, thus a Catholic voter with an informed conscience can’t equate pro-abortion and pro-death penalty candidate.


I think I’m more left leaning than right in terms of social justice and stuff. But I’ve never voted for a D because they always support abortion. So despite whatever my views are, I must vote for no abortion and that is what I do. So I’m an independent, don’t support either party. My political party is my diocese lol


It’s state sanctioned murder. It doesn’t matter whether they are guilty or not, God wants us to treat life with sanctity.


The Democratic Party is becoming more and more unwelcome for Catholics, and that’s a shame.


As I have studied this extensively, we as a country have and continue to execute innocent people, hundreds. We also have thousands of wrongly convicted. I will never support death penalty because we may kill the innocent. And I don’t care if the person is fully guilty, who am I to decide the worth of a being? Look at the story of David Berkowitz’s conversion.

Murder of unborn vs murder of prisoner

Both say murder.

But hey, cast the first stone as Jesus said


The allegation was he’s not all that invested in pro-life cause, not that he’s “definitively firmly invested” . If he gave an address to biggest Pro Life event that no other POTUS did in 45 years, that allegation holds no water.


Did he do it because he believed it or because it gains votes? LBJ was a known racist, but Civil Rights movement was politically expedient.

But I’m not here to get into some argument about the presidents intentions. I’m not the president and neither are you so we don’t know his intentions. We can only guess based on his past and his past says he wasn’t genuine


I guess the problem lies with in the fact that the so called PRO-LIFERS (many of them) are not ready to call him out for the rest of the evils that he is endorsing.


His child separation policy isn’t pro life. Abortion is the gravest evil but there are other evils also


It’s only murder if one ignores the criminal act of the convicted murderer, which is the point. This kind of logic arises from an odd adoration of violent criminals combined with a simultaneous passive indifference of actual innocent babies.


Nice. I have a bachelor and master in a very closely related field, and have been lucky enough to spend my career with it. I’ve learned that the way to make solve problems is to work together toward what people can agree on rather than work against each other and get nothing.


Agreed, hence best to stick to things we know are true like his actions (speaking to Pro Life March) and facts (no other POTUS did that in 45 year history of march).

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