Trump’s Yuge Week One


President Donald Trump’s first seven days in office were historic, chaotic, often astonishing and sometimes unsettling. With a flurry of provocative executive orders, surreal events, unapologetic falsehoods and did-he-really-say-that tweets, Trump continued to obliterate political norms, serving notice that the gaze of history won’t change who he is. He made so much news and did so many unorthodox things that it was hard to keep track of everything that was changing in Washington. The question, though, is what did all that sound and fury signify?

It certainly didn’t signify nothing. Most of Trump’s initial actions won’t have much direct impact on public policy, but many of them suggest huge changes are on the way. Some actions didn’t seem to justify the media hype, like his executive orders reining in Obamacare, blocking a cut in low-income mortgage feeds and freezing all new rule-making, or the typical start-of-term controversies over the alleged muzzling of government bureaucrats. Other developments actually seemed underhyped, like his apparent success in persuading congressional Republicans to support his entire Cabinet and ignore his enormous conflicts of interest, or new immigration restrictions that got overshadowed by Wednesday’s headline about his official push for a border wall. And it’s hard to assess how much hype some of Trump’s pronouncements deserve. Who knows whether he truly meant his threat to “send the Feds!” into Chicago to address street violence, or whether he was just tweeting off steam while watching a Bill O’Reilly segment?

What seems properly hyped is the overall sense that America is careering into strange uncharted territory. With so much jaw-dropping news breaking at such a rapid pace, it can be hard to distinguish the real historical hinge points from the momentary furors. So here is a guide to the first seven days of the Trump administration, rating everything that’s been done on a 1-to-10 scale according to its substantive policy effect now—and its potential significance for the future.


I have never seen a week like this one.


It is only going to get worse. Grats all of you who voted for him or didn’t vote or even “voted your conscious” this is on your shoulders. Oh yeah Muslim registry, when was the last time someone wanted to have people of another faith registered…


So far it has been pretty darn great!

Cut funding to international planned parenthood
Enforcing the law and backing law enforcement
Securing the borders
Make moves to decrease size of federal govt

What’s not to like?


Agreed. :D:thumbsup:




Not to mention that he stated he would sign the HR#7 bill congress just passed. I sure hope it makes it through the senate!


And hopefully next week we get a true conservative nominee for the SC!



I for one (and granted its only been a week so obviously to early to really tell) am overjoyed with the direction the new administration is taking.


… And so democracy falls with applause.




I’m still hoping that Ivanka or Jarod will override Bannon on the blatently unAmerican Muslim registry threat. If a registry is imposed, I will sign up. :eek:


How so!

As a representive democracy THe USA democratic system is correctly working the it was set up.


I will sign up as well. I also suggest everyone here also sign up. The monster needs to be stopped.


I voted scary, although that is not intended to be completely bad. Its just the closest of the list (as long as it is) that fits my feelings.
Some of what he has done I feel good about.
Other stuff, I don’t like at all: eg. the cold-war with Mexico.
But I am more convinced than ever that his government will be, at the least, haphazard. So I will say scary, although I am not that scared, just worried. I am hopeful that the GOP controlled congress will assert itself in a positive and forceful way.

edited to add:
I suppose I shouldn’t expect anyone doing a poll on the subject of Trump to give an option of “some good, some bad”. Everyone seems quite polarized, you either love him and he can do not wrong (God-minus-one), or you hate him and he will destroy everything (Hilter reincarnated). I guess I don’t fit either of the two (absurd) prevailing viewpoints.


Hmm cheering and praise for a bigot that is running the country into the ground. Muslim registry should really be a no brainer.



All posts are to remain charitable
No name calling

Please discuss the issues, not each other


This is all a big worry. Many of my friends are scared.


So now anecdotal evidence is ok?


He is no more a bigot than you or I, He will not run the country into the ground more than it actually is already. Muslim registry is Bannons Idea and it will never happen! neither will the wall! They will both fail if started and never be complete. Much like obamacare was started and is pretty much a failure. You should be grateful if he starts these two stupid ideas because then you will be able to have a concrete example of this admins failure. although it will be nothing in comparison to Obama’s failures but you will have something!

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