Trump said Friday he didn't use a fake name, but that's not what he said in sworn testimony



Voice analysis by an independent lab would find out the truth.


Can someone please give us 10 reasons why anyone in the United States of America should care anything about this silly “story” and change their vote from Donald Trump to Mrs. Clinton? Would anyone change their vote from Mrs. Clinton to Donald Trump? Would an undecided voter vote for Mrs. Clinton instead of Donald Trump because of this? If the WP had spent 10% of the time it has on digging up this kind of non-news on Trump, on Obama in 2008, the country would not be in the mess it is now.


Agreed on all counts. Well said.


The WP is becoming a grocery store gossip rag. Sad case for journalism.


The failing Washington Post was essentially given away to Amazon mogul Jeff Bezos in exchange for his assuming their debts. Ironically, the father of Katherine Graham bought the Post at a bankruptcy auction in the 1930’s. Eugene Meyer was a Republican but his son-in-law Donald Graham, who ran the Post, was a leftist Democrat.


I thought lying under oath was an impeachable offense, or not any more?


Impeachable? What office did he hold when this allegedly happened?


I think the biggest reason is to reinforce the idea that Trump will lie about anything. He doesn’t know David Duke, he didn’t know the reporter he made fun of was disabled, he didn’t use a false name, he said MSNBC edited the Chris Matthews interview; he lied about the reporter who was attacked by his campaign manager, on and on.

Now, will it change any minds? Probably not. Clearly, Trump’s supporters don’t care about being lied to, so I don’t think they wont’ vote for Trump over this.


I get it , only if you lie under oath while in office, it is serious crime, otherwise it is OK. Sorry.


No, judging by your response, I don’t think you get it


Really! He was probably NOT lying under oath; he was probably telling the truth. He’s just lying to American people. His supporters don’t have a problem with that. Nothing impeachable there.


I can’t speak to what Trump supporters have or don’t have problems with, as I’m not one of them.


The creepiest thing about this story is what Trump wanted people to believe about him via the comments he made as his own spokesman.

And the audio recording reveals more than just a remarkable likeness to Trump’s own voice, but also in the spokesman’s cadence, word choice and the billionaire’s trademark bravado.

Discussing Trump’s divorce and his prospects with women, “John Miller” said Trump is “somebody that has a lot of options, and, frankly, he gets called by everybody. He gets called by everybody in the book, in terms of women,” according to the audio recording obtained by The Washington Post.

Miller also describes a past encounter between Trump and Madonna in great detail.
“Madonna was in the room, and so somebody from Madonna’s entourage – because she comes in with an entourage of dancers and everything else – and somebody from Madonna’s entourage came over and said, ‘Would you go over and say hello to Madonna?’ And so he went over and said hello to Madonna and he gave his autograph to the dancers. She said, ‘These are fans’ and all this. ‘Will you give them the autograph?’ So he said, ‘Best wishes’ or something,” Miller said, according to the recording. “And then all of a sudden – and that was the end. And then he said goodbye to her and that was literally the end. He’s got zero interest in Madonna. It was literally the end.”

The spokesman then goes on to purport that Madonna “wanted to go out” with Trump.

Most politicians probably have significant egos. But Trump’s, well, trumps all. So does his lack of judgment.




Didn’t say you were. Just said that I don’t think Trump’s supporters have a problem with being lied to or they wouldn’t be supporting him.


If you like your health insurance you can keep your health insurance


Yep, all politicians lie, but it seems like Trump is uniquely qualified. The interesting thing about Trump is that he lies about the little things. He doesn’t know who David Duke is. He claims that the Chris Matthews interview was edited.

Here’s a list of Trump’s lies: It’s funny that so many are really minor.


Trump is uniquely qualified when it comes to lies?

Hilary Clinton’s lies:

Video compilation:

Politically left-leaning group lists her lies:

Politically right-leaning group lists her lies:

It’s Clinton’s unique qualifications to lie that has her party’s power base thrusting her to the nomination, and I believe Sanders remains popular among many Dems because they just don’t trust her.


I think Trump is uniquely qualified as a liar. He lies about little things that no one would care about. It’s almost like a game to see if he can lie to you and get away with it. Clinton is more like normal politician lying that I expect.

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