Trump said set to halt funding for UN agencies, other groups that give PA, PLO full membership


Trump said set to halt funding for UN agencies, other groups that give PA, PLO full membership

WASHINGTON — In a dramatic policy shift, President Donald Trump is reportedly preparing two executive orders that would halt US funding to the UN and other bodies that grant full membership to the Palestinian Authority and the PLO, the New York Times reported Wednesday.

The orders would reduce the United States’ role in international bodies, including the United Nations, and start a review process that would seek to potentially withdraw from multilateral treaties, the report said…

This latest White House moves coincide with Republican efforts in the Senate to defund the United Nations over the Security Council passing a resolution last December that condemned Israeli settlements as illegal.


When will the United States realise that while one of its citizens did one give a slice of land in New York for the UN building to be built upon, it’s not and was not ever designed to be an organisation that merely does its (the U.S.'s) bidding? If you don’t like something the UN does, argue against it and get it overturned through the proper channels. Much like if you don’t like a law passed by Congress or Parliament, work on getting it repealed or amended. It really isn’t all that hard, unless you’re an impatient bully, I suppose.


The Rockefeller family gave the land, but did not provide funding for daily operations. The UN could move if they don’t like it. There is office space in Brussels coming available.


Oh of course but that was slightly beside my point, which is that the UN isn’t beholden to the US (though it would be foolish I guess systematically to ignore the world’s most powerful country…)


Wouldn’t be the first time the U.S. has cut contributions to the UN.

But I doubt too many of the countries, particularly the enemies of the U.S. would want the UN to move out. Think of all the intelligence agents they would have no excuse to put in this country anymore, and no diplomatic immunity for the ones they did leave here.

They won’t move it.


Has NOTHING to do with “the world’s most powerful country” or being “beholden”.

Has everything to do with who is paying the bills.



This means that we can probably count out our U.S. taxes going toward any funding for our Church:

Not that our nation would make a donation to a Church! :slight_smile: But while the Republican party generally shuns “isolationism”, our nation squarely isolates itself from the 70% of the world nations that recognize the state of Palestine, representing 80% of the world’s population. Note: probably only two nations (US and Israel) would be against recognizing the State of Palestine if it wasn’t for the fact that the border issue is a tricky one.

Donald Trump first said that he would take an balanced approach to Israel, but quickly reversed his words. Given that John Bolton was a major fund-raiser and supporter of the president’s campaign, and John Bolton is basically a representative of hard-liners in Israel, the president’s decision was very predictable.

It goes to show that the only people who find the Israeli State in their dealings with Palestine just are those who directly benefit from the settlements. (You may wonder how our Congress directly benefits, and this can be explained). The settlement activity and unjust treatment of Palestine is explicitly criticized by our Bishops:

The question for Catholics is, do we follow the lead of John Bolton, or do we follow the lead of justice, as shown by our Church? People will say that anyone criticizing the state of Israel is antisemitic; do not listen to them, it is the voice of ignorance.


It can be observed that with this proposed action,“America First” is no longer the guiding factor.

As we stand with a nation (Israel) that treats people unjustly, accurately described as apartheid, and as we shun organizations that recognize the people unjustly treated, we attract the ire of the righteous, those who stand in union with our Church leadership in condemning the settlements.

With such bias against the oppressed, we isolate America. We stand for oppression and apartheid, which subtracts from America’s stance of morality and freedom. In addition, we invite rejection and resentment toward our whole nation.

President Trump and his staff would be more accurate saying “Israel First”.

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