Trump says he'll dissolve foundation


President-elect Trump announces that he “intends to dissolve the Donald J. Trump Foundation”


Of the many, many “conflict of interest” set-ups he’s supposed to dissolve or put into trust, he picks the charity??!!



I wonder if the Trump Foundation ever gave the promised $6 million to the various Veterans organizations. Doubtful.

Well, it has been under investigation anyway, so I guess it’s a good strategic move.


He “intends” to do a lot of things. Whatever.


What Trump “says” and what Trump does haven’t aligned much so far.


He’s not president yet!


Note: Foundations are not charities. Foundations raise money in order to give to charity.

His foundation is tied both him and his company. So he needs to lose it.

Also, former Presidents have always started theirs after the term was over. Because of the things tha happened with Hillary, in connection with the Clinton Foundations…

Furthermore, when Trump is out of office and creates a new presidential foundation for his library, etc; it will need to be separated from his company anyway.

Merry Christmas!


Trump may not be able to dissolve his so-called foundation; he may have to wait until the legal investigations into it are complete.


David Farenthold (I hope I spelled that correctly) from the Washington Post has covered the Trump Foundation.


smart preemptive move, since every future contribution or expenditure will be under a microscope, the complete opposite of what we saw with the Clinton Foundation.

How could so many think it was not relevant Hillary/Bill were receiving multi million $ donations from Foreign Govts with key business before the Dept of State?
And then those issues always resolved in their favor.


I agree, I don’t think he had much of a choice.


The safeguard on quid pro quo is transparency. The Clinton Foundation had it, and was rated as a solid, impactful, and efficient Foundation. The Trump Foundation, however, may have been operating outside of legal safeguards. It is under investigation in NY.


The safeguard was the Ethics agreement Obama had Hillary sign, and which she broke.

The Clinton Foundation has not been fully transparent, and what is known only hurts her reputation. The foundation rating was horrible until it remarkably improved, just before the election.

All should watch this documenary: Clinton Cash


No need to live in that bubble.


Are you disputing Hillary broke her signed ethic agreements with Obama?

Even the left leaning Politifact called claims of her compliance a stinker


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