Trump says he's 'fine' with legalization of same-sex marriage

Donald Trump said he is “fine with” same-sex marriage but offered few specifics about his plans for the first 100 days of his administration during his first television interview since becoming the president-elect.

In an extensive interview with CBS’s Leslie Stahl broadcast Sunday night on “60 Minutes,” Trump sought to ease the anxieties of LGBTQ Americans that a new conservative Supreme Court majority might overturn last year’s decision legalizing same-sex marriage.

Ducking a question about his personal view on the issue, which he dismissed as “irrelevant,” Trump asserted, bluntly, “it’s done.”

“These cases have gone to the Supreme Court. They’ve been settled. And I’m—I’m fine with that,” he said.

The answer came as Trump attempted to downplay the protests that his election has sparked and blamed any fears held by Muslims and African-Americans not on his own rhetoric or policy proposals but on a biased media.

“I think it’s built up by the press, because, frankly, they’ll take every single little incident that they can find in this country, which could’ve been there before,” Trump said. “If I weren’t even around doing this, and they’ll make into an event because that’s the way the press is.”

I am going to respectfully disagree with that last bit…

Ha, I posted on the same thing at exactly the same time!

My comment: The only surprise for me is that it happened so fast.

Trump has never really been a conservative when it comes to social issues.

“And during the third presidential debate, he suggested that third-trimester abortions were currently legal and that Clinton supported allowing them – both things which are not true.”

I’m pretty sure she did say she was for late-term abortions and told Trump “he should meet some of the women who had to make that decision”.

It is settled law, for now. But settled law has been overturned by the Supreme Court and it can be again in the case of Obergefell. Trump has said over and over and over again that the justices he would nominate to the Supreme Court would be like Scalia. Well, Scalia didn’t vote in support of allowing same-sex marriage, so yes Trump, please go ahead and nominate a justice (and potentially more during his presidency) like Scalia. While Trump may not explicitly say what his position on same-sex marriage is meaning whether he actually supports it or or, conservative justices who are like Scalia could do the work to overturn Obergefell.

There is no doubt at all he’ll appoint the kind of justices he promised. Who is to stop him? He’s got both house and senate. Just wait for it to happen!!!

Plus, he’ll want a second term.

A second term? He hasn’t even started the first one yet. I’ve seen people right here on CAF say they don’t expect him to run again.

CBS article is wrong in claiming it’s not “not true” regarding third trimester abortions. According to the following :

Currently, federal law makes it legal to abort babies into the ninth month of pregnancy.

While some states have restrictions on abortion, all states permit abortion into the ninth month for certain exceptions— and eight states allow abortion until birth for any reason (Colorado, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington State).

Warning: abortion procedure shown in animation and described in video in article

So people can get abortion into the third trimester. Disgusting!
Roe v Wade needs to be overturned as does Obergefell allowing same-sex marriage in all U.S. states.

That was even faster than I expected too.

Never seemed like it before he set his eyes on the Republican nomination.

But clearly he said now tonight that he is fine with SSM. I was also surprised how he didn’t seem to place much emphasis on abortion. In the link provided by the OP, he says if the 1973 ruling is overturned, he then says women will just have to go to another state for an abortion. Then when Stahl followed up asking whether it’s okay that some women might have to travel to other states to receive abortions, Trump said there’s a “long way to go” before discussing that.

I’m scratching my head now wondering if a lot of people were conned.

I watched the CBS “60 minutes” interview (where he seemed very impressive, by the way). He said gay marriage was settled and that he was “fine with it” – that is clear language. He also said, when it was pointed out that there was fear in the LGBTQ community, that he had specifically mentioned them (positively) in his convention speech and that “everybody said that was so great” that he did that.

From article:

“It’s irrelevant because it was already settled. It’s law,” he said. “It was settled in the Supreme Court. I mean it’s done … these cases have gone to the Supreme Court. They’ve been settled. And-- I th-- I’m-- I’m fine with that.”

I could interpret what he said not as personal support for same-sex marriage, but that he is fine and accepting of the fact that the issue was settled (for now I add), by the court, but now we’re getting into semantics and personal interpretation of his comments.

But whether he is fine with same-sex marriage is separate from the Supreme Court and he has plainly said over and over again that justices get would nominate would be like Scalia and Scalia didn’t support Obergefell. He has also said time and time again that the justices would be picked from the list, and that list was put together with Heritage. It’s probably safe to say nobody on that list would support same-sex marriage and none are likely to see same-sex marriage as being a constitutional right.

It seems you’re in denial.

Answer: Trump.

You do not know how to read Trump at all, no offense.

Trump is more libertarian than conservative on social issues and more conservative than libertarian on economic issues.

Where the candidate’s Social score meets the Economic score on the grid below is the candidate’s political philosophy. Based on the above score, the candidate is a Libertarian-Leaning Conservative.

As someone who voted for Trump for those very reasons, no.

People warned me over and over he’s not a conservative. Yeah, I know.

But he did go on record saying who’d he appoint and why and so his feet will be held to the fire on this.

You know, Trump really should not be this hard to figure out for people. The man is from New York, worked in Hollywood and only recently became republican and pro-life.

The media and the left are now changing gears from telling us how racist and sexist (and fake minority) we are to now implying we were all sold out. :rolleyes: Conservatives who supported Trump generally knew what is happening would happen as it is and were talking about it long before the election.

Trump can’t legally reverse a court ruling, and even socially conservative candidates like the 2 gubernatorial candidates in West Virginia said that so-called gay “marriage” is the law and the rule of law must be respected. :shrug:

He is anti-abortion and will put in pro-life justices

What he has said about abortion:

Not acceptable to rip baby from womb in 9th month:
Overturn Roe v, Wade and return abortion laws to the states:
Millions are helped by Planned Parenthood, but defund it:
Defund Planned Parenthood:
Planned Parenthood is important, but abortions must stop
Stress importance of a strong family, & a culture of Life:
Undecided on embryonic stem cell research:
I am now pro-life; after years of being pro-choice:
I changed my views to pro-life based on personal stories
I am pro-life; fight ObamaCare abortion funding:

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