Trump says keeping 'open mind' on climate change: New York Times


U.S. President-elect Donald Trump said on Tuesday he thinks there is some connection between climate change and human activity and “clean air is vitally important,” a New York Times reporter said in a tweet.

Trump, who met Times reporters and editors in New York, “says he is keeping ‘an open mind’” on the issue, the Times’ reporter wrote on Twitter.

Trump has previously called man-made global warming a hoax. “I think there is some connectivity” between humans and climate change, Trump said in the Times interview.


I’ll keep an open mind too. As soon as there is some actual climate change, I will pay attention to what Trump or anybody else says about it.


You don’t think our climate has changed already?


Trump’s true colors (I think) are coming out even before he is inaugurated. And I don’t mind colors such as this.


Wouldn’t the polar bears et al agree with you? Not to mention most of the scientists who study climate change.


In the last 14 days, Trump has softened or completely changed his views and promises on:

Climate change (“it’s a hoax!”)
prosecuting “crooked” Hillary (“lock her up!”)
building the wall (“it could be a fence.”)
his views on Romney (“loser!”),
same-sex marriage (“I’m fine with it.”),
banning Muslims from the US (“it’s more of a vetting”),
Obamacare ("(it) could be amended"),

and more.

Had he expressed his current views two weeks ago, I wager to guess he would not have won the election.
But I guess some politicians say whatever they have to say to win.



The catastrophic meltdown the left is currently having is going to look pretty dumb when he starts doing essentially what Obama did with some minor changes here and there. Obama, for whatever it’s worth, was more or less similar to Bush in many ways.


It seems to me nearly all “politicians say whatever they have to say to win,” perhaps Trump and Hillary Clinton more than most. Trump has mastered the art (or artifice) of politics faster than most, possibly because he had a head start in the business world.


And everybody who flocked to him because he was an “outsider” and not a politician are going to be rather disappointed.



I agree with you, something strange has happened to Trump since winning, I heard a few people at work speculating once he actually won the election, the group of people who really hold the power in this country may have had a little sit down with him and let him know how things are going to continue on ‘business as usual’ in DC.

Looking more and more like no matter who is president, they are just a puppet on strings to more powerful people that stay out of the limelight.


This trump supporter is not a bit worried. He knows how to get people to work together and get what he wants. It’s what he does for a living. As for the topic of climate change, he’s always said he wants clean water and air–who wouldn’t? Those who have traveled to places like China know what he’s talking about–the sky there is always hazy, people in some places have to wear masks, and you can’t drink their tap water, either.

If you think Trump goes to DC to change his stances on critical issues, you’re dead wrong. The real clue for his plans lies in the people he appoints.

And of course the media now has started the new enterprise of turning his supporters against him. Good luck with that! Conventional ideas won’t work with Trump. They don’t know who they are dealing with.


Another campaign promise fulfilled.

On November 18, the Pentagon issued a Defense Department directive that will “allow Department of Defense (D0D) personnel to carry firearms and employ deadly force while performing official duties.”

President-elect Donald Trump ran on removing gun-free zones from military bases. On July 9, 2015, Breitbart News reported that Trump pledged to end the gun-free scenarios for U.S. troops by “[mandating] that soldiers remain armed and on alert at our military bases.”


All that in just 2 wks and they thought he wasn’t a politician.


More campaign promises to be fulfilled: the Wall!!!

The third section concerns the border wall:

in addition to the 386 miles of existing actual wall … Have entire 1,989 miles planned for rapid build. …

So we should let the media lead us to believe Trump isn’t going to do it? When has the media been right this cycle?


From what I understand, Donald Trump has recently stated that he believes that climate change is real. If that is the case then I personally feel like that is good news. I know that there are some people on the forums who don’t believe in climate change but I personally think it is real and it is something that we must take action on.


It is just fine for people to believe in it or disbelieve it, as they choose. As hundred of posts have established on CAF in the past, there are studies supporting the proposition and studies opposed to it.

Meanwhile, of course, people don’t actually experience it, and most now no longer believe in it at all or think it’s real but not really harmful. Most meteorologists hold the same opinion.

I have no problem with the idea of any person doing what he can to reduce his own emissions. That’s a free choice. What I do have a problem with is forcing hardships on people to serve what is more an ideology than it is a known fact. And when the elites supporting it do not act as if they believe a word of it, my problem is made more keen.


I think you are misinterpreting something to claim that most meteorologists hold the opinion that global warming is not real or not really harmful. Please cite your source for this.


Here is the full interview


Full speed ahead. Complete 5 years commitments in 4 years!


Maybe this is just to get those very concerned about climate change (who put that near the top of their voting issues) off his back.

I don’t believe one iota Trump has softened on his opposition to mitigating climate change and his anti-environmental intentions. He is appointed well-known anti-environmental & staunch climate change denialist persons to his EPA transition team and he plans to scrap NASA climate research. See the more recent article “Trump to scrap Nasa climate research in crackdown on ‘politicized science’” at

In fact I think this was Trump’s most important issue – to ditch any efforts to understand or mitigate climate change – with others, such as abortion and immigration just to get votes.

Do not be fooled by a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is heavily invested (as are his buddies and cronies) in fossil fuels.

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